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Dec 4, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital @Berliner Philharmonie (2)


Review of Blechacz's recital in Berlin on Nov.31, written by Isabel Herzfeld.
Original review (German)
Second one under KLASSK

A revised translation is offered below of this page.

Never indulged: Rafał Blechacz plays Chopin in the chamber music hall

A pure Chopin Recital, although going out of fashion, it is popular with the public, which is obvious with a specialist like Rafał Blechacz.  But the guest performance in Berlin by the 25-years old also shows the cliffs of the venture.  Too much, the program favors the delicacies of Ballad, Mazurka, Waltz to escape salon splash.  A big work, a sonata or a fantasie, could have counteracted. And after 90 minutes, the fun is already at end, the sold out chamber music hall cheers.

However as Blechacz plays all, it immediately reconciles.  With extreme sensitivity, an almost silent modesty, he steps back behind the work of his master, only wants to let it heard, not himself.

In this way the G minor Ballad remains more tasteful, narrative, lambent, not with Liszt’s hell fire.  The Scherzo in B minor bubbles up not in swelling waves, whose course is virtually lost in rippling sound (This sentence needs to be checked.)  Blechacz is a master of mature level.   So in the middle part – molt più lento - he binds the piano colors of an overwhelming melody stream.

Melancholic, austere and never-indulgent is always personal statement, especially so since the outbreak of the pain in E minor Mazurka, op 41.  But the grim and nervous Polonaises op 26 quickly shows their melancholic and melodic core.

All is so magnificent, pithy, so polyphonically perfused, and it must be! – that even with polished brilliance, the spirit of great Chopin play revives again.


↓A translation that Jan (Holland) kindly sent to me.  (Many thanks to Jan!!)

Pure: Rafał Blechacz plays Chopin in the Chamber Music Hall

A pure Chopin recital, so popular with the public and still came out of fashion, but is in good hands for a specialist such as Rafał Blechacz. But the Berlin performance of 25 years old guest pianist shows the cliffs of the venture. Too much, the program sets in on the delicacies like Ballads, Mazurkas and Waltzes to escape the show streams. A great work, like a Sonata or Fantasy, could neutralize this. And after 90 minutes the fun was already ended in the sold-out Chamber Music Hall.

But the way Blechacz is playing is immediately convincing. With extreme sensitivity, an almost silent humility he retires behind the work of his master, listening to him and not himself. So the g minor Ballade is still solid, telling, with no tendency to Liszt’s hell-fire. The Scherzo in b minor bubbles not in sound waves, losing itself in the almost murmur. Blechacz is a master of the mature level. So in the middle part - molto più lento - the tone colours of the piano capture an overwhelming melody stream -. Melancholy, bitterness and loneliness, are always a personal interpretation, especially in the e minor Mazurka op 41, increasing in a pain outbreak. But also the grim nervous polonaises op. 26 quickly shows their moody melodic core. All pointed out so beautifully, so polyphonically well performed, and where necessary -also with polished brilliance that the spirit of great Chopin player revives again.


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