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Jun 29, 2010

Welcome to blog-Preludia ver.2.0

Thank you for visiting the blog, continuation from blog-Preludia.  Here the blog template has been replaced with the one that supports multi languages because of the nature of articles posted here.

I decided to renew the entire website to add pages to introduce Rafał Blechacz to those who don't know well about him.  When I talk about Rafał Blechacz to someone, what do I want to show?  Thinking about that, I picked up videos, interviews, reviews intuitively from my favorites that I collected for the past three years.. Sincerely hope that it will intrigue you, making you feel like listening to his music more and more.

The new website is a birthday present to the pianist who turns 25 on June, 30, 2010..
Our birthday wishes

On this occasion, I would like to thank those who gave me precious advices that encouraged me to renew the website. 
My special thanks go to my colleagues: Chie-san, Yukko-san, Peko-chan and gomimi-san, as well as Konstancja, a fan of Rafał who has a lot of knowledge of website making and my husband for his wise advice from a broader perspective.

Thanks to Miki Machida
for the beautiful design!!

Also let me extend my deepest appreciation to those international volunteers who often help me by finding news of their countries and translating them into English as well as the readers who send me heartwarming  comments.

I also would like to thank Ms. Miki Machida, an excellent designer from,ltd for presenting the fascinating design of this new website and her staff members. I love the cover page; my image is that Rafał Blechacz's interpretation is spreading out to the universe to be heard by many audiences of present and future generations. 

Last and not least, I want to thank Karoi-san, my college friend and able editor/producer of modern arts for giving me valuable advice to make everything happen.

Akiko Ichikura, author of Preludia

***Japanese website will open on July 16.

Review on Rafał Blechacz playing Chopin's concerto in F minor with Wiener Symphoniker

Review of Rafał Blechacz playing Chopin's concerto No.2 with Wiener Symphoniker, posted on Main Post on June 28.

Original review (German)

Blechacz at the Kissingen Summer: A living Chopin
Rafał Blechacz at the Vienna Classical Soiree

(First two paragraphs related to Blechacz's performance)

Pianist Rafał Blechacz and Conductor Philippe Auguin quickly responded to distant Vuvuzela sound and a pushy siren, that penetrated at the end of the dearly beautifully played Chopin Larghettos in the concert hall. Instead of letting the melancholy pianissimo linger, they immediately began with the spirited Allegro-Vivace finale. the Vienna Classical Soiree had the Vienna Symphony Orchestra invited to Kissinger Sommer (Kissingen summer festival). Nestled in one of the “Leonore" overtures and Beethoven's 7th symphony, they presented Frédéric Chopin’s second piano concerto in F-minor. Soloist was the winner of the Chopin Competition in 2005, Rafał Blechacz.

The Viennese orchestra accompanied much routinely the 25-year old Polish pianist. One would have wished passages from the orchestra a little more passionate with a little less volume. Blechacz played calmly with varied and pleasant attack. He dominated the virtuoso sound cascades and the lyrical solo passages and convinced above all in the middle movement, the Larghetto. There he became Chopin, his countryman, carried off expressively or accelerated the sparkling piano runs and exuded youthful melancholy masterly. Blechacz rewarded the enthusiastic applause with Chopin’s Mazurka in A flat major, Nr. 31. (op.50-2)

(Description of Beethoven’s Leonore and the 7th symphony.)

Jun 28, 2010

Excellent Chopin's concerto in Bad Kissingen - Rafał Blechacz

On June 27, Rafał Blechacz played Chopin's concerto No.2 with Wiener Symphoniker
at Gastkonzert Bad Kissingen (conductor: Philippe Auguin) for Kissinger Sommer festival.

Blechacz program site

"It was again Rafał's triumph in Bad Kissingen because the audience couldn't stop clapping and shouting for bis (=encore).
Rafał responded with Mazurka op. 50 No. 2 for an encore to thank for such an enthusiastic reception.

(Grateful to Roman Frackowski for such a good news.)

Jun 20, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital in Nohant

Review of Chopin Festival in Nohant mainly focused on Rafał Blechacz's recital on June 16.

Original (French)

Rafal Blechacz :
un talent fou et un don pour faire craquer la galerie !
(Rafał Blechacz related part only)
Rafał Blechacz: unbelievable talent making the gallery creak.

And Wednesday evening, the recital of Rafałl Blechacz was one of these moments of happiness that we are fortunate to experience. Has the soul of Chopin invaded the young Polish pianist coming on the footsteps of his compatriot? With the impetuosity of youth, he made music living beyond the notes before the parquet of Japanese women who were completely under the spell. Three encores and he had that usual quiet smile cracking between indifference and momentary pleasure.

(Original article)
Festival de Nohant : que du bonheur
Amoins de prendre un mois de vacances, il n'est pas aisé de suivre dans son intégralité le Festival de Nohant, premier du nom. Quarante concerts, des spectacles littéraires, des causeries, un colloque en juillet... la richesse de la programmation est telle qu'on ne peut tout voir, tout entendre. Ceux qui auront misé sur les grands noms, les Ciccolini, Angelich, Engerer... n'auront bien évidemment pas été déçus. D'ailleurs, pour ces concerts-là, les réservations étaient complètes depuis longtemps. Le Festival de Nohant s'attache aussi à faire découvrir de jeunes musiciens. Et mercredi soir, le récital de Rafal Blechacz fut de ces moments de pur bonheur qu'on est heureux d'avoir vécus. L'âme de Chopin avait-elle envahi ce jeune pianiste polonais venu sur les traces de son compatriote ? Avec la fougue de la jeunesse, il a fait vivre la musique au-delà des notes devant un parterre de Japonaises totalement sous le charme. Trois rappels et toujours ce petit sourire craquant, entre insouciance et volupté d'un carpe diem partagé.
Alors, forcément, à mi-parcours de ce festival, Jean-Yves Clément, directeur artistique avec Yves Henry, ne peut être qu'un homme heureux : « La nouvelle formule plaît, beaucoup de concerts affichent complet et notre public apprécie les qualités acoustiques du nouvel auditorium. En quinze jours, nous avons vécu de très grands moments ». Personnellement ? « Le récital d'Angelich fut, de mon point de vue, phénoménal ! »
Accompagnée au violoncelle, hier soir, par Henri Demarquette, Brigitte Engerer donnera aujourd'hui, à 16 h 30, un récital pour deux pianos avec Boris Berezovski.

Jun 18, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz recital @Salle Pleyel

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital at Salle Pleyel on June 14, written by Jean-Baptiste de La Taille.

Original review (French)

Rafał Blechacz
An exciting recital

With the advent of Rafał Blechacz, this season Piano **** Salle Pleyel was closed. The winner of the famous Warsaw Chopin Competition in 2005 (also with four special prizes), thirty years after his compatriot Krystian Zimerman, the pianist since then has made a solid international career.

Almost exactly, his program was like the one he gave last year at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: Bach, Mozart (the same sonata!), Intermission, Chopin.

Bach first of all, the first Partita for keyboard, where he approaches with much confidence, but we regret the lack of respiration, tempos a bit rushed and the right hand that could be more melodious.

Changing of universe with the Mozart Sonata K 570, he also played without trailing, with high integrity, which gives freshness, playfulness of the first and third movements, melancholy of the central Adagio.

Rafał Blechacz closed the first part of this program with French music, in this case the triptych Pour le piano by Claude Debussy. A great variety in the touch, the ability to be expressive, not purely digital (including the Toccata), without abusing the pedal, calling all the praises.

The anniversary requires that there is a bouquet of pieces by Chopin, which was in the second part of this concert. Blechacz was as if navigating in a familiar terrain: besides the first prize at the Chopin Competition, he has notably already recorded for Deutsche Grammophon Preludes and two concertos. Setting aside a bit faster interpretation of the Barcarolle, it is of the great art, both in the construction of the first Scherzo and in the nobleness of dances, of some Mazurkas and the famous Polonaise "Heroic." The pianist makes a moderate use of rubato, the pleasure of playing is evident, and he knows how to be majestic without being heavy in playing the last work. Many in the public enthusiastically ask for more, and obtain two encores from the Polish pianist, Chopin again, a Nocturne and a movement from the Sonata op. 2 No. 2 by Beethoven.
(End of the review)


I received a “reporting” of the recital at Salle Pleyel from Marine, Rafał’s fan in France. She was not able to go to the recital this time but heard from her piano teacher and a friend (also pianist!), who went to the concert on her behalf. Actually her friend liked the recital, especially he loved Bach, saying "he has a beautiful sound under his fingers" and Chopin’s Nocturne cis moll.
Sincerely hope that Marine will have another opportunity to attend Rafał’s concert in the near future.

Jun 17, 2010

Philosophical discussion joined by Rafał Blechacz (Video)

Website of UMK: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika (Nicolaus Copernicus University) offers a video clip of the panel discussion that Rafał Blechacz participated in on April 20.
The discussion was held as a part of the Festival of Science and Arts in Toruń, preceded by the recital by Rafał Blechacz.

Watch the video of the discussion (Polish)

Blechacz plays Ballade No.3 by Chopin for the recital before the discussion (Video)

The video of the discussion was found and sent to me by Beata & Dana.
Thanks a lot!!  

Jun 16, 2010

Never ending standing ovation-Blechacz @Nohant

Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Bergerie de Nohant, Nohant-Vic for Chopin Festival on June 16.

"Continuous standing ovation for Rafał after his recital at the Festival de Nohant tonight!
Again a big success!
He was generous to respond to this enthusiasm and played three encores!
And still there was no end to standing ovation".

(Many thanks to Roman Frackowski for the great news.)


Jun 14, 2010

Blechacz's great debut at Salle Pleyel

Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Salle Pleyel, Paris on June 14;
his third recital in Paris following the first one at Le Théâtre du Châtelet in Jan. 2008 and the second one at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in March 2009.

"Rafał Rafal Blechacz had a great debut at Salle Pleyel in Paris tonight. He played beautifully and was rewarded with big applause after each piece.
At the end the entire audience rose and there was an unending standing ovation to which Rafał responded with two encores. Great debut at this prestigious concert hall of France!!".

(Many thanks to Roman Frackowski for the great news.)


News clip from Radio Information Agency (IAR)(Polish)

Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz appeared once again before the Parisian who love music. This time the recital by the winner of the Chopin Competition was held in the most prestigious concert hall in Paris - Salle Pleyel.
Blechacz came to Paris with a varied repertoire, combining different eras and musical styles.

In the first part of his recital at the Salle Pleyel, the Polish pianist played works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Claude Debussy. Of course, a very large number of music lovers in Paris still identify Rafał Blechacz with the music of Chopin, thanks to the pianist's triumph five years ago in the Chopin Competition. Therefore, the whole second part of the recital was full of music by the Polish composer. Blechacz played Barcarolle opus 60, Scherzo No.1, Mazurkas and the Polonaise in A flat major.

Rafał Blechacz is well-known to Paris’ music lovers. He appeared in Paris several times. His previous recital was held last year at another prestigious Paris music scene - at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

By Thomas Siemieński

Jun 13, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz recital in Dortmund

Review written by Julia Gaß of Blechacz recital in Dortmund on June 12.

Original review (German)

Blechacz at Dortmund Konzerthaus

Rafał Blechacz inspired the piano festival

It is a rarity indeed so that so many outstanding young pianists aged 20-25, would set the trend to grand stages. All perform Chopin this year. However, only few of them play as well as Rafał Blechacz. 

This 24-year old Pole has been called ”Mr. Chopin”, ever since he disqualified his competitors at the Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw five years ago. Last Friday he was a special guest to the piano festival Klavier-Festival Ruhr in Konzerthaus in Dortmund. He kept Chopin for the second part of the concert, whereas in the first one he proved how energetically and in tune he could play Bach (1. Partita) as well as demonstrated that it is possible to perform Debussy (Suite Pour le piano) impressively with a big, clear beat if you display such a fantastic technique like his and the audience keeps up with your fast pace.

 ”Mr. Chopin”
Blechacz 's Mozart was still missing a bit of soul, which the 24-year-old has for playing Chopin. The Sonata No. 17 sounded perfect, but much more dispassionate than his Chopin.  And in order to honour his fellow-countryman, Blechacz chose certainly not the easiest compositions. In Scherzo in B minor op.20 he revealed Chopin as Polish Liszt, applying literally presto con fuoco and making kind of windstorm heard across the concert hall.

Coloratura on the Piano Keys 
Chopin performance by Blechacz sparkles, once glittering, once twinkling, like coloratura singing emitting from the keys. Apart from its thunderous character and pressure, it also had Ballade in A flat major narrative depth. One has to display extraordinary skills at this age in the first place, in order to discover so many expression nuances in such tiny musical forms as Mazurkas. Blechacz is a perfectioninst and in Chopin case this is also true about art of expression. In the last Chopin piano composition Polonaise-Fantaisie, the Pole set the door ajar to the world of expression with resonant tone, a similarity to which can be found only in Rubinstein or another Polish winner of the Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, Krystian Zimerman. This young Chopin performer of the highest class was awarded with a standing ovation.

Read another review written by Julia Gaß of Blechacz recital in Dortmund on Oct.30, 2008.

Rafał Blechacz's great evening in Dortmund

Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Dortmund Konzerthaus for Klavier-Festival Ruhr @20:00 on June 12.

"Rafał got a thunderous applause after the first part of his recital in Dortmund tonight. He had to come out twice to bow to thank the audience.

At the finale, after the Chopin's part, he received a huge standing long lasting ovation and played two encores for the enthusiastic audience".

(Deepest gratitude to Roman Frackowski for the latest news.)

@Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

April, 2008

Good luck & health to Rafał, his family and his audience in France, too!

Jun 12, 2010

Preview of recitals in Dortmund, Paris - Rafał Blechacz

** From website about recital in Dortmund, June 12(German)

In 2005 he convinced the jury with his performance at the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw so that they not only gave him the first prize, but awarded no second to illustrate his prowess. Since then, the Pole Rafał Blechacz has been celebrated as an exceptional talent. He is a guest in concert halls around the world, in Moscow and in Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Madrid and the Klavier Festival Ruhr, where he had his highly acclaimed 2006 debut. Rafał Blechacz is young and remains silent pianist, beyond the media hype focused on concert doing his best for what he is best: music. His special liking for the works of his countryman Frédéric Chopin. His 24 Preludes, he played for his first CD and as early as in 2008 he received the Echo Klassik for the CD. Also at this year's festival concert Rafał Blechacz will bring works by Chopin to the ears, but you can be also curious about his interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Claude Debussy.

** From Le Figaro about the recital in Paris, June 14 (French)

Rafał Blechacz - pianist and poet

Of course, if you wait Blechacz at the end of the season devoted to Chopin, it is primarily because the young Pole is the only musician of his country to have won the prestigious piano competitions in Warsaw, after Krystian Zimerman thirty years earlier. But in this shy dreamer's keyboard there is much more to discover: his Mozart which is distant but intriguing. His Debussy is dreamy, yet devoid of passion. His Bach is full of righteousness and already legendary (his interpretation of the Italian Concerto belongs to that class). These three composers are just opening this recital in Paris, which culminates in the second half when the Pole will be fully assimilated - if not living – into his indescribable Chopin.

** By Marc Zisman on QOBUZ (French)
Salle Pleyel, his recital is a reflection of his personality as a musical poet. With the Partita No. 1 in B flat major BWV 825 by Johann Sebastian Bach, concise and virtuosic, Mozart Sonata KV 570 in the same tone and perfect balance, the three movements for piano by Claude Debussy with unlimited sound palette, and a bouquet of major pages of his beloved Chopin, it opens up infinite perspectives where technique is just of service to expressions.
(End of excerpt)

This site also gives a reference to Blechacz's debut CD "Piano Recital" which includes pieces by Schuman, Liszt, Debussy and Szymanowski. If you've not heard them, I strongly recommend that you get it purely from a music lover's perspective.

If you listen to the Heroic Polonaise in this CD compared to his recent performance, you'll be impressed by a difference that an artist creats in different circumstances. recently made available this album. (It was difficult to obtain it for the past few years in countries outside of Poland, UK and Japan). Sample hearing is available.

** Preview from Chopin 200 website (Polish)

Krystian Zimerman is completing his tour in Japan with all Chopin program. The repertoire is basically the same as for example in Ferrara, although in some programs he played Ballade in F minor instead of Barcarolle.

Many music fans deeply moved by the depth of his interpretations expecially of the sonatas express their views in blogs, forums, etc…I was able to hear only piano sonata in B moll and Ballade in F moll at Yokohama’s hall because of my tight job schedule but it turned out that it was a right decision to make it for the recital.

“I think that the sonata in B minor is one of the most superb works by Chopin. ..Every time I play it I find something new and feel taken away to another world…”
(Krystian Zimerman, interviewed by Yoshiko Ikuma, Ongaku-no-tomo special edition, 2010,

Ikuma's summarizing essay @Japan Arts (Japanese)

In the interview article, Ikuma quotes Zimerman as saying that he’s tried to record Chopin’s sonatas 20 times in the past 30 years. “For example in 2009, I had four recording sessions, including the one in Lucerne where I worked between 9:00pm and 6:00am every night. But I was not satisfied and destroyed the result. I’ve nourished hope of recording the sonatas but so far I’ve failed to achieve it.”

Zimerman is reported to have announced that he will not play officially on the stage next year. (, Japanese)

Jun 8, 2010

Rafał Blechacz receives German Record Critics' Award

The jury of "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" ("The German Record Critics' Award") awarded their "annual prize" to Rafał Blechacz's recording of both Chopin concertos as an outstanding release, according to Baron & Weingartner International Artists Management, Rafał Blechacz’s Austrian Agent.

The Prize will be awarded to Rafał Blechacz during his appearance with Wiener Symphoniker in Bad Kissingen on June 27, 2010 . He will play there Piano Concerto No. 2 by Chopin.

(A deep appreciation to Roman Frackowski for the great news.)

Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" ("The German Record Critics' Award")

Baron & Weingartner International Artists Management

He is going to play for recitals before going to Bad Kissingen.

@ Dortmund Konzerthaus on June 12,
@ Salle Pleyel, Paris on June 14 and
@Bergerie de Nohant, Nohant-Vic on June 16.

May his health be protected during the recital-packed days!

Jun 4, 2010

Rafał Blechacz's Chopin concerto - impression by a Polish cellist

Voice of Polish cellist Dominik Połoński on Rafał Blechacz's playing Chopin Concerto in F minor in Łódź, on May 20.

It is a part of his blog, which was sent to me by Beata and Dana. (A deep appreciation to them!!)

According to Dana, Połoński was one of the cellist of the orchestra for Krystian Zimerman playing two concertos by Chopin. When he was 27 years old he suffered brain cancer, had four operations with his left hand left inert. Before the illness, he played like Rafał, with great naturalness, sensitivity, deep feeling of music. His CD is beautiful. He suffered a lot and listening to music brought him relief.

I saw him playing cello on a Youtube clip. Felt his strong attachment to music and the instrument. Very impressive...

Dominik Połoński's blog (Polish)
He writes that the hall was full from the first part of the concert when Brahms symphony No. 1 was played.

(Excerpt from Dominik Połoński's blog, about Blechacz's playing)
The situation changed completely in the second part of the concert when Rafał Blechacz appeared on the scene. The young pianist's playing is mature and exceptionally developed in every respect since the victory in the XV International Chopin Competition in 2005.
Certainly Rafał’s playing wins both his devoted and faithful music lovers and opponents of aesthetics, which Rafał is consistently devoted to, because his play is not moderate and therefore cannot allow followers of both sides of musical expression. I personally really like the creation of such uncompromising own musical language.

Rafał is a pianist extremely delicate, sensitive with his playing aesthetic, which makes the world of Rafał Blechacz’ s music a world of extremely subtle shades of silence - the music touching us like a gentle brush of butterfly wings.
My guess is that, for music lovers who appreciate a strong and determined expression - like concertos by Rachmaninov or Tchaikovsky, a kind of this artistic soul may seem to be deprived in full force of expressions. I left the building of the our Philharmonic, enchanted by the magical world of porcelain beauty of Chopin's music created by Rafał Blechacz.

Poznań on May 22, receiving the double plutinum disc

Last month the number of accesses to this blog Preludia (the previous version) exceeded 400,000 (411,628 as of yesterday). Could be a big number for a blog initiated by one listener about two years ago, but a small step compared to the greatness of the artist engaged here. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who've helped me keep on the work.

Yesterday The Frederic Chopin Society in Minnesota, US, accessed this site. The Society will host a recital by Rafał Blechacz on Feb. 6, 2011.

The Frederic Chopin Society in Minnesota's program page for Rafał Blechacz's recital

I appreciate the Society for warm and nice words about this website and sincerely hope that the audience there will have an exceptionally wonderful experience.

Sundin Music Hall, Minnesota


Last Sunday I went to a concert of The Vienna Symphony Orchestra directed by Fabio Luisi. The orchestra will perform Chopin's 2nd concerto with Blechacz late this month in Bad Kissingen. There was something profound in its sound. With the unrestrained manner that soloist Ryu Goto played violin concerto by Brahms and super quick and exciting 4th movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony steered by Luisi, the orchestra never lost its way, offering a stable, comfortable sound.   

Jun 2, 2010

Fragments from interview Blechacz gave in Poznań, Poland

Fragments from the interview with Rafał Blechacz in Poznań, posted on on May 28, 2010.
(To hear the interview, please click on the 2nd bar out of the three located on the bottom of this page.)
The interview in Polish lasts for about 23 minutes, and our Polish colleague Dana gave us English for some fragments of the interview. Deepest appreciation to her!

"...Philosophy enriches my personality, thus also my interpretation because I give my personality by sounds, by music.
... An aesthetic experience of performance will be there if a recipient (=audience) has a little sensitivity, minimum of good will to feel music, understanding it by knowledge of style, composer.
Of course the acoustics of hall, the atmosphere like its decor have very important meaning. Some of the best are Concertgebouw, Tonhalle, Herkulessaal, Wigmore Hall. There are also many great good halls in Japan, many people in this country like classic music and not only Chopin.

...I don't feel like giving advices to other pianists who will take part in Chopin Competition year.
Every artist is different, every individuality is different and everybody ought to work out a plan of own strategy that will be the best for her / him.

"I met with Zimerman in Ferrara, Pollini in Salzburg and Maria Tipo in Italy. I wanted to consult some my interpretation ideas with her and to get her opinion about them. These meeting with the great artists from time to time are very important for me."

,..Now I am concentrated except for Chopin on classical style such as Beethoven, Mozart and impressionism. Maybe after five-year period, I will concentrate on Bach. People like Szymanowski's music too so I will play his music too".
(End of excerpt)

(Dana's notes)
Rafał talks about his study of philosophy, meeting with Zimerman, Pollini, recording last CD, RCO and Semkow, about his tours this year.
What his philosophical study gives to us - listeners ? Which concert halls are the best? We can go there to hear not only Rafał's concerts. What advices can Rafał give to young pianists before Chopin Competition. And what plans he has in the future.
This interview is very interesting, Rafał talks very naturally.

Jun 1, 2010

Review of Rafał Blechacz CD Chopin Concerti (France)

A mini review of Rafał Blechacz's CD of Chopin's two concertos, written by François Lafon, posted on on Jan. 30, 2010.

Original review (French)

A classic named Chopin ...
... by a pianist still a little tender

The young Pole Rafał Blechacz - looking frail but firm ideas - began with Chopin's Preludes with clear contours, but parsimonious poetry. Here it is in the two concertos, the early works of Chopin not in Paris yet.

Finger light, clear sound, very controlled rubato: If you are looking for a crazy Chopin like Samson Francois, or enthusiastic one like Martha Argerich, go your way.

Chopin by Blechacz reminds you that while listening to Mozart, he learned the music. In the second concerto, the pianist loosens a bit, but remains basically classic.

Perhaps this is due to the wise direction by the veteran Jerzy Semkov on top of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw more mellifluous than ever. Reading the liner notes we learn that Rafal Blechasz played two concertos in his hometown of Naklo, with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Poland under the leadership of the fiery Antoni Wit. Too bad that Deutsche Grammophon did not move for the occasion.
by François Lafon

The title of this review reminded me of another review in Spain written late last year.
Cosme Marina, Spanish reviewer, said that Chopin music are "works in which classical architecture wears a romantic spirit where shines the deep emotion that surrounds his musical ideas".

Cosme Marina's description of Blechacz playing was;
"His two versions are very interesting, vibrant, full of vigor and, at the same time, thoughtful, not impulsive.

In Blechacz’s interpretation, aesthetic freedom can be perceived that fits very well with the lyricism of Chopin. This album shows a good example of the maturity of the Polish pianist at the keyboard in the artistically honest work seeking for the profoundness way above the immediate shortcut".
(End of excerpt)

It's evident which reviewer is more careful in observing and accurate in sensing the musicality of the pianist.