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Feb 23, 2011

A big applause of appreciation to the great pianist!

On Feb. 22, Rafał Blechacz ended his North American tour of 2011 with the special Chopin program in Edomonton, Canada.

"After first part (Concerto No. 1) half of the house rose to applaud, after the 2nd part the entire house was on standing ovation clapping. Rafał was bowing and accepting Bravos and was coming out from backstage several times."

From FB Blechacz link:
"Many, many thanks for your concert in Edmonton last night. Your interpretation of Chopin is unlike anything I've heard before and this performance was positively sublime. I hope we see you in Canada again. :)"

"Thank you for playing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada."(Polish Culture Society, Edmonton)

Click photo to see other photos.

From Polskieradio Canada.
pictures of Chopin's concerto and recital are viewable.

(Thanks to Konstancja for the info.)

Polonia w Calgary

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  1. I was not terribly impressed with Blechacz nor with the ESO conductor. Maybe with time, maturity, Blechacz will be capable to perform Chopin with adequate sensitivity.

    Bill Eddins' interpretation...not good.


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