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Feb 7, 2011

Excellent recital in St. Paul, Minnesota

"Good news! Rafał just ended his first recital on this American tour! It was at Sundin Hall of Hamline University in St. Paul., Minnesota. Big enthusiasm after the first part. Standing ovation and unending bravos! Then after the entire program, again a standing ovation and thunderous applause although the audience was not very large because of the size of the hall (350 seats only but added were the seats on stage).  But they delivered such a big applause as if it was much bigger. Rafał played one encore to thank for this extremely enthusiastic reception."

Courtesy Mary Sigmond, who wrote;
"The concert was divine!  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!"

“Rafał's concert was truly exceptional and his playing touched the hearts of everyone there. And what a genuinely nice person he is!  I hope we can enjoy the privilege of having him again someday. What a wonderful day this has been!”
(Mary Sigmond, President, The Frederic Chopin Society, Minnesota)

**You can see another beautiful pictures of the recital at Facebook link of The Frederic Chopin Society.  

Big bravos to our special pianist!

Also I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Mary and her colleagues for their wholehearted preparation to make this wonderful concert happen.


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