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Mar 13, 2011

Beautiful people --- twitters from quake-hit regions and Tokyo

You are not alone
.(This video is made of the following tweets from PrayforJapan)
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"It's pitch dark but we've never seen so many beautiful stars. Look up, Sendai! -conversation at the quake site."

"Disneyland gave out sweets from their shops. Some high school girls got many as they can. I thought why, but they gave the sweets for children in evacuation site. That was really moving scene."

"My two year old was putting his shoes on himself saying "I'm going to go arrest the Earthquake!" I realized that inside a tiny body, there is a lot of courage and Justice. Everyone, let's stand strong and get through this.

"So busy traffic. Only one car can go across the traffic light per one blue light, but I was moved to see people drive gently with giving their way. Some intersecions has been completly stopped for more than 5 min., but I've never heard any horn sounds except the sounds said "Thank you" for 10 hours. I was sceard, but also I've had warming time, and came to like Japan more."

"Last night when I was tired out waiting for the train at the station, the homeless people gave me one of their cardboards to prevent the cold... even though we usually ignore them in daily life... So warm."

"There was a train driver who had been working all night long. When I went up to him and said "It must be tough for you", he smiled and said to me, "What else can I do at a time like this?" Made me rethink about the people of Japan. Moved me."

"People of Japan, please do not lose your kind hearts. Be gentle to the weak, be helpful to each other, and always have a forgiving heart. Everyone is anxious, just like you. This is our prayer, and we shall also keep this in our hearts."

The words of BBC’s reports are so moving they make me cry. They were praising us with words of admiration! “One of the worst earthquakes in recorded history has hit the world’s most well-prepared, well-trained nations. The strength of its government and its people are put to the test. While there have been casualties, in no other country could the government and the people have worked together in such an accurate and coordinated way in the face of such tragedy. The Japanese people have shown their cultural ability to remain calm in the face of adversity.”

more tweets from PrayforJapan
original Japanese
(Courtesy Kaori.  She and I are looking for whereabouts of our friend in a city close to Sendai).
(Our friend and her family were found safe on March 15♪)

**These tweets were introduced on CNN, on March 14.

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