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Mar 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Very huge earthquakes hit Japan in the afternoon, March 11 (Japan time).
The epicenter is off coast of Sendai, north part of Japan, M 8.8 (later modified to M 9.0).

Still no idea about the degree of damages, but I saw news clips of big tsunamis attacking coasts of north part of the country.

I live in Tokyo, over 300 km from the epicenter, but felt very strong jolts for minutes, so strong and was terrified that I became prepared for the worst.  Now I'm OK.

The phone companies put restrictions on the network use, and it's difficult to get your call through to the people in Tohoku (north) region and Tokyo.  But I received SMS and e-mails from friends in Poland who are concerned about my safety and I want to return thanks to them for that. .  And I sincerely hope that my friends/acquaintances in the most severely affected region are safe.


  1. Akiko:
    I am very glad that you are safe and sound. Best wishes to your family, friends and people in Japan.

    P.S. Thanks for bring up so much wonderful resources and info about Rafal.

  2. Dear Citrine, Oh, thank you very much for your nice words and wishes. I knew that you read my blog and thanks a lot for that. I sometimes visit your blog to get fun and relax. Keep in touch.


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