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Mar 29, 2011

Successful in Bologna; going to Konzerthaus Berlin

Rafał Blechacz completed the recital in Bologna successfully on March 28.
Responding to the never ending applause, he gave two encores.

His next item on the agenda is a recital at Konzerthaus in Berlin, April 7.
Konzerthaus program page

Press release from Konzerthaus Berlin, March 28

It is not so easy to prevail against all these styled sunshine boys at the piano. But Rafał Blechacz seems to have found a loophole: The 25-year-old Pole is ordinary and just normal. Earthy, unspectacular. Lives at home in the small town Nakło nad Notecią - because "it is so calm and peaceful that I can well concentrate on my artistic work”. He jogs in the nearby woods, reads a lot and studies alongside philosophy at university of Posznan (sic). "If I sit in an airplane or somewhere in a hotel, I always read books."

(The release goes back to his winning the 2005 Competition in Warsaw, getting lots of supports extended by Krystian Zimerman after the winning and the professional relationship he maintains with Zimerman since then.)

The critics give it right: "He is a pianist who understands to tell about the music", wrote the magazine Crescendo. Consistently, the pianist pursues a seriousness that is rare in the show-world. When the non-musical obligations threatened some time ago to take the upper hand, Blechacz simply retreated: "I notice that I practice too little exactly, therefore I decided to take a holiday. To be on holiday at the piano."

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