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Mar 12, 2011


Many thanks to those who gave me caring words and wishes for safety of my family and friends.

I and my family are OK.  I don't get through to a friend of mine from school in one of the cities hit by tsunami.  Another friend doesn't make sure safety of her family.

It's heartbreaking to see devastations caused to the coastal regions by tsunamis and subsequent  fires.

Personally the latest quake is the second shock.  In the big quake in New Zealand last month, a group of young Japanese students lost their lives; they are from the city I was born,  and one of the victims is a daughter of my sister's colleague.

All I can do is to offer prayer.
(Sorry for using this space for such a personal account.)

Prayer and wishes from the artist:

"Rafal and his family were very moved by this tragic development… The more so because in November 2006, the entire family spent time in Sendai, the city on the coast, north of Tokyo, that was hit the most. They liked that city very much. And now they see it in ruins. They are very sad about this. Rafal, his parents and sister want to convey their wishes and prayers to them…"
(R. Frackowski)

**He gave a recital in Sendai on November 29, 2006, the final leg of his tour when he gave 12 concerts in 24 days nationwide.  He played Polonaise op.53 as one of the encores on completing such an intensive tour schedule.  The noble performance impressed a lot of fans in Sendai.

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