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Apr 1, 2011

Competition to participate in Festival of Science and Arts events in Toruń

Competition to participate in two events for Festival of Science and Arts in Toruń began, according to Toruń
A ticket for two events of the Festival, including the event joined by Rafał Blechacz, can be applied by answering a quiz on Facebook link of the Festival.

To apply for the ticket, you should answer the quiz on the link.. (For me, the quiz is not easy!)
The competition will be held every two days.

The Festival in Toruń will be held on 15th-19th of April.  The event that Rafał Blechacz appears is a fusion program of discussion of music interpretation and his instrumental performance to be held at the auditorium of Nicolaus Copernicus University, on April 16.

Good luck!

He joined the Festival last year, too.

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