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Apr 30, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words -- Rafał Blechacz in Ann Arbor

Beautiful photos of Rafał Blechacz can be viewed from  © George Szelazek Photography, Michigan US. 

26 photos of Rafał Blechacz in Ann Arbor, Feb. 11 (recital) and 13 (chamber music concert) were taken by George Szelazek.
Very pleased to find it and I messasged George for the permission of posting the link.
He answered;
"You are writing a website of one of the greatest pianists, congratulations!"

On About & Welcome page of his site, George writes:

Welcome to my gallery
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Jedno zdjęcie warte 1000 słów.

Many thanks to George.


It is from an article of Gazeta Pomorska on October 3, 2010.
A school in Olszewka, as non-public institution (in Nakło county, Poland) completed its expansion project under strict budget constraint and commissioning  was held preceded by the mass. A new standard was given.

The memorial plaque has the name of Józef Blechacz, imprinted as patron.  He is Rafał Blechacz's great grandfather and used be a principal (kierownik) of the school  before the Second World War and for a few years in post-war period.  The plaque was unveiled by Roman Blechacz, Rafał's uncle, because the virtuoso was then touring in Japan.

**In Blechacz's family, there was always a piano.  His great-grandpa, grandpa, father, uncle, all loved/loves playing piano.  (See Reportage of his childhood. )

**I found this article in Oct. last year but missed an opportunity to post it here 'cause there were many articles about Japan tour and others.
Rafał Blechacz and many from his family made donations for it although it is not written in this article.

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