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May 29, 2011

Ein Poet am Klavier - A poet at the piano - Audience review, Schwetzinger Festspiele

A review written by a member of the audience in Schwetzingen, Rafał Blechacz's recital on May 25.

(Excerpt from Debussy part)
".....One of the most popular works of the impressionism, Claude Debussy’s "L'isle joyeuse", followed after Mozart. Blechacz used unusually little pedal, so that sounds didn't vanish in the fog but they shone. In chromatic progression, he shaped the sparkling fluency, which sounded very graceful. In the chords and trills there was no lack of transparency. I found that Debussy fits very well with him. Will he let us hear Debussy more in the future?....."

Read more from the review.  You can see photos of the venue and Blechacz after the reciatl. 

Classissima Chopin page refers to this review (German)

I like above description of Debussy.  I had a similar impression when Blechacz played this and other Debussy pieces.  I was deeply impressed by Szymanowski's sonata nr.1 (I listened to the recital via SWR radio broadcast on May 30.)  The moment Blechacz played first few bars, I was transported to a different world. Why do I feel nostalgic when hearing the Szymanowski's music that I'm not well versed in?  Why is it so touching?  Is it because of the special affinity between the composer and the performer?  Or  is there a kind of chemistry existing between him and the well mannered German audience in a venue of historic importance?


  1. Es war Mazurka in e-moll. Sry, Ich habe mich geirrt.

  2. It was Mazurka in e-minor. Sry, I was confused. It's already corrected.

    Blechacz is my favorite pianist in the the young generation. It's nice that this blog is dedicated to him.

  3. I'm very happy to be able to know about Rafał's recital in Schwetzingen. Thank you very much!!

  4. It was great! Especially I was deeply impressed by the Sonate of Szymanowski. In my opinion(I play the piano since my childhood), Blechacz is the best pianist of the younger generation.

  5. I agree. Blechacz is the best pianist in the generation. His next album will include some pieces of Szymanowski (including this sonata) and Debussy. I cannot wait!


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