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Jun 13, 2011

Concert of inauguration (2) is a portal site of magazines/publications viewable on the net.  I searched the site by "blechacz" and a list of 91 publications appeared.  I wish I had time to browse them all but for now, this is the cover page of Auditorium, Feb. 2010.  The three piano masters (Blechacz, Zimerman and Pollini) were invited to Sala Santa Cecilia, Rome to celebrate the 2010 Chopin Year.  Rafał Blechacz gave inauguration concerto for the Chopin Year for four days in a row in Jan. and Feb.

Auditorium, Feb. 2010 (you can browse the magazine)


  1. Blechacz, Zimerman and Pollini, all great Chopin Interprets!

    I've just posted your La Boheme review on my blog, so that my readers in Europe have an idea what's going on in the japanese opera. I'm sure that the singers and other crews are enjoying their staying in Japan.

    Many thanks to you for the review and pictures!

    P.S.: Please let me know how the performance of Yonghoon Lee as Don Carlo was, if you get a chance to read about him. Here in Germany they say Lee is a wonderful tenor. Unfortunately I haven't heard him yet.

  2. Oh, thank you very much. I'll comment on your blog.

  3. How nice of you to collect the reviews! The opera fans here will be glad to know more about the Met Japan tour.

  4. For other readers, akiko and lotus-eater are talking about MET Opera Japan tour.

    akiko's impression of La Boheme:

    Yonghoo Lee's reputation as Don Carlo:

  5. Sorry for other readers. I've got something more talk to Akiko about MET Japan tour.

    Many thanks to you, Akiko. My readers has been showing great interest in La Boheme by MET. You let european opera fans know that things in Japan are getting better. You see, in last months we've worried a lot about the situation in Japan.

    I'm so impressed by your new posting. Well, I didn't know that Yonghoon Lee is such a good looking guy;-) It will be posted on my blog for tomorrow.

  6. No problem. Enjoying the opera was a good relief for me. I'm also impressed by your blog, full of info about piano, opera and other instruments. I'll follow you. I want to see Rafał's concert in your country, if possible, in your region someday!


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