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Jun 1, 2011

Rafał Blechacz to be back to Salle Pleyel, June 7--concert preview

Rafał Blechacz will give a recital at Salle Pleyel, Paris, on June 7.
Le Figaro posted a recital preview written by Thierry Hilleriteau, as of May 31.

Original post by Le Figaro

The admiration that the nation of polonaise dedicates to him is matched only by his humility. Propelled at age of 20 on the front of the stage thanks to the Chopin Competition in Warsaw, where he won first prize and four special prizes, Rafał Blechacz has been categorized among the champions of the genre. Should we rush to compare him with someone, presenting him as a worthy heir to Zimerman or Pollini? Probably wrong. Because his luminous palette and intelligent speech are not limited to serving the Chopin Preludes (even if he has recorded a version of reference for Deutsche Grammophon). The present recital will give the evidence, backed by the Polish composer as a true way of the soldier, which will start with Mozart and complete with Szymanowski, after passing through the delights of Debussy's L'Isle joyeuse.

Salle Pleyel program page


The special album "Solidarni z Japonią" (In Solidarity with Japan), launched in Poland on April 8 to help Japanese children in quake/tsunami hit areas, has been supported by many in Poland and it remains at the first in OLiS, the official list of the highest selling music albums, on its latest OLiS data as of May 30.
Thank you Poland.

Actually, many people in Japan bought the album, too, via on line shopping, including many fans of Rafał Blechacz, although it is not easy for Japanese to buy something from Polish website. The accesses to the info of the album on my Japanese blog have been active and biggest in number.  (I really feel that people of my country love Chopin very much.)  HMV Japan now announced that it will begin selling this album in Japan on June 30.
"Oh, it's Rafał's birthday!", one of his fans commented.


  1. Yes, he will be 26 soon. His music sounds so mature that I often forget he is still very young;-)

    So, you'll go to see La Boheme. It would be very nice if I get a chance to read your review about it.

  2. He is very matured at the piano whereas looks very young with the innocent smile away from the instrument.

    I'll go to La Boheme because I'm very grateful that Met didn't cancel the Japan tour and I like Fabio Luisi, the conductor. Maybe I'll write a brief impression of this grandioso event.

  3. Several photos from La Boheme in Tokyo can be seen on my personal blog.


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