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Jul 28, 2011

From virtuoso voice-- "I’m pianist Rafał Blechacz".

From virtuoso voice, Rafał Blechacz celebrates classical music's universal language. (audio)

"Music is one of our greatest resources for beauty, hope and joy. I’m pianist Rafał Blechacz. Please support classical music around the world, and especially at home, by contributing to your Public Radio station. Thank you."

@Music School in Bydgoszcz
from, December 2005
Another audio files from this website.

voice 2
"I think it’s very important to keep the right balance between emotions and the intellectual way for the interpretation. But of course I’m thinking about my own vision. I would like to create own vision and I want to show my emotions, my feelings. But the most important is to show feelings by the composer.”

voice 3
"I realized that this music is very close to my heart, it’s very close to my personality. For example, melancholy but also a lot of joy and I am always very happy when I can express these emotions, these feelings with the music. Sometimes I have to enter into Chopin’s feelings, into his emotions and recreate them afresh.”

voice 4
"It helped me to find right sound. Haydn thought about the orchestra, he wrote a lot of symphonies and I think that the orchestra’s thinking is audible in his composition. But when I recorded Mozart’s sonata, I thought about the opera. I think it was the first love for, for Mozart, the opera.”

voice 5
"We forget about him because maybe Haydn is not so famous (laughs) like Beethoven and Mozart but his compositions are incredible. So I play a lot of sonatas by Joseph Haydn and I think he was a very funny man (laugh). There are a lot of a lot of fragments, which has a lot of joy, there are a lot of funny.”

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