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Jul 1, 2011

Rafał Blechacz meets people of Bydgoszcz at his alma mater (2)

Continuation from the previous post that Rafał Blechacz visited his alma mater in Bydgoszcz on June 30, his 26th birthday. He spent about an hour to answer questions from residents.

Some fragments from the article from

Listen to Blechacz's voice from (audio)
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different contents from the written article.

(quote)…Conversations were intertwined with music professionals, repertoire, interpretation of works by studying literature, sightseeing in a city incognito (very rare but it happens that someone from the audience will propose such a visit), what determines the selection of proposals for giving a concert (preparing the instrument for specific repertoire, hall, acoustics, conversation with the tuner). He said that these conditions are met by the concert halls in Amsterdam, Munich, Zurich by the highest degree.

“These are my favorite halls, where I’m always willing to come back”. He likes to play in Japan - unique to all the winners of the Chopin competitions; in Germany, because that's where the audience listens with great attention, reverence, commitment (and this is helpful in shaping the interpretation), Paris and Amsterdam.

“Becoming the winner of the Chopin competition has meant a revolution in your life?” asked a "Pomeranian." (citizen of this region)
“For sure it was a significant point, because it allowed me to build a career.”

Although the artist says that he was aware that this will change in his life,
“The reality that followed the competition proved to be a very new reality. I knew that the calendar of concerts are planned in advance to some extent, but did not know that the 3 and even 4 years in advance. Pain for me was to announce programs for 2-3 years ahead”.

At the beginning it was not easy to find himself in the media noise, congestion press conferences, interviews.
“Popularity is exhausting, now is definitely better,” says Blechacz.

Worldwide fame and recognition did not overturn him in the head, which we could see during the meeting.

Rafał Blechacz support Prof. Dr.Arkadiusz Jawień's action to help Adaś Lewandowski, cheerful 3-year-old boy from Włoclawek, who suffers from the aplastic anemia, "Bone marrow to Adaś!"
The transplantation can help his life.
Read the article of the action to help the boy's life.

Blechacz said that he is behind the campaign during the interview in Bydgoszcz.


from, at alma mater

visiting Józef Blechacz school.
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  1. Thank you for the nice pictures of Blechacz.
    Yesterday was his birthday. Congratulations!
    Only 26 and so mature in the music.
    Glad to read that he praises German audience.

    Have you followed up the "Tschaikovsky competition"? While the level of the cello section was so high, the piano section, quite disappointed. I've heard the winner Danil Trifonov last fall. Technically he is brilliant, but musically there's still something missing.

    In the young generation no winner of the piano competition is as musical as Blechacz. His talent is exceptional.

    Once again I thank you for the opera reviews. They have been clicked a lot.
    Coming Sep. the bayerisch Staats opera Munich with Kent Nagano will be on Japan Tour. This time Jonas Kaufmann will join them.

    From now on I'll follow your site. I didn't know how it worked before! You see, I've got a very poor knowledge about computer;-)

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment.
    As for Tchaikovsky competition, I liked Alexander Lubyantsev but he was eliminated. Maybe he was too eccentric. (see Arioso)

    I remember Blechacz praising German audience several times (and Dutch, too), in the same manner; for your tradition of and respect for the music; it is not only enthusiasm. I personally felt the quality of audience in Vienna last year when I heard Blechacz's sound at a different level. Felt that audience affects in the process of interpretation.

    I read your article about Kent Nagano and Kaufmann and already fed this info to a opera fan community in Japan. Thanks for the good news and for following my website. I also follow your site, very informative. First I was impressed by your writing of Blechacz's recital for your ability of appreciating the piano music right.

  3. The Tschaikovsky competiton 2011 was heavily criticized, because the most talented musicians as Lubyantsev were already eliminated at the second round.

    Some info. about the Japan tour of the Bavarian State Opera:


    Roberto Devereux(with Edita Gruberova)
    Sep.23,27 and Oct.1
    *Edita is sixty something, but still the queen of the Belcanto.

    Lohengrin(with Jonas Kaufmann)
    Sep.25,29 Oct.2
    *Kaufmann has a wonderful dark tenor and is a good actor. I personally like his talking voice, gentle and charming.

    Ariadne auf Naxos(with Eri Nakamura who is a prima donna at the states opera Munich)

    Mr.Nagano is highly respected in Germany as a musician and as a person.

    The more difficulties we encounter in our life, the more significant the art is.

    I'm sure the japanese opera fans would enjoy the performances.

  4. Thanks for the info!
    Yes Nagano is respected here, too!


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