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Aug 24, 2011

At Salle Pleyel, June 7, 2011

Have been hooked on the news of Irene.
I sincerely wish for the safety of people in the East Coast...! (Aug.27)

@Ann Arbor, Feb.2011
Click to read Paris' review

A French writer and music lover has posted several photos of Rafał Blechacz taken at the back stage of the recital at Salle Pleyel, Paris, on June 7.

See the photos on De la note à la plume.

Carmen Desor, the author of the blog, says;
The first time I listened to a record by Rafał, I said to myself :
"This is it !", this is the way I think Chopin played the music.

(A deep appreciation to Carmen Desor.)

←This is from Ann Arbor, US.

(Quote from a review about the Salle Pleyel recital, titled "Piano vivant", written by Gérard Mannoni.)
…not a pianist of force. He is an artist of intuition and sensitivity…. His technique is obviously sumptuous… it is more oriented towards the investigation of colors, towards fluidity, towards the subtlety of textural changes than towards the fireworks favored by the current superstars of the keyboard…..

.....Music comes first. As for Blechacz, this was sensed as he played the second piece on the program, l’Isle joyeuse of Debussy. Abundance of coloristic moiré, cheerful sparkling; Blechacz gives all his values to the sublime piano script. We admire the presentation so intelligent and sensitive with the keyboard.

…with the Sonata in C minor op. 8 of Szymanowski,… The talent of Blechacz allowed him to precisely find out what can render the better justice to this inspired and sophisticated music, thanks especially to his miraculous touch, always soft and simmering.

KC Metropolis, Kansas City's online Journal of Performing Arts on August 17, picked Rafał Blechacz's recital in the city on Feb. 18 in its Editor's Choice.

"25-year-old pianist Rafał Blechacz offered an airy, nuanced rendition of Mozart’s Variations in C Major, K. 264 in his appearance in the Friends of Chamber Music Master Pianists Series last season. His l’Isle joyeuse was a satisfying stream-of-consciousness take on the Debussy staple, while the International Chopin Competition prize-winner’s Ballades in G Minor and F Major were two of the most stunning Chopin Ballades one could ever hear. (February 2011)"

Read the full review by the same editor (Christopher Levin) of the recital.
titled "Blechacz dazzles with Mozart and Chopin"


  1. The pictures of Carmen Desor are wonderful! She must have a special camera. Normally I don't like to stand in a queque for an autograph, but next time I'll take some pictures of Blechacz behind the stage:-)
    I personally like Blechacz's Chopin interpretation much more than Pollini's. Pollini is an excellent pianist(technically), but the way he plays doesn't touch my heart. Blechacz let every note breathe, he brings music alive. An exceptional pianist!

  2. Well I'm glad that he's getting some recognition in Kansas City. Which is awkward, though, because wasn't the recital only attended at half-capacity? :/ I tried e-mailing the theater about how they invited RB, but I didn't get any response. So I guess I'm biased against that city for those reasons (plus I never understood why he went there in the first place.)

    I also enjoyed the photos. It's interesting to see how brown hair looks under different kinds of light. In these, his hair looks rather dark.

  3. Dear lotus-eater,
    I agree. Carmen must have a good skill as well as a sophisticated camera! Usually, Blechacz's autographic session lasts for over an hour and photo-taking is prohibited in my country. (thinking about the artist's health.)
    Good luck to you, next time.

    I agree, too, in terms of the unparalleled beauty and inspiration of his pianism. Every note has life and words. It's difficult to hear other pianists after knowing the rendition by Blechacz and it has been the problem for me for the past several years.

  4. Dear Sandrine,
    I was informed that the Chamber Society of Kansas likes to keep the music performances funded by them very much to themselves and make the audience at their concert sort of exclusive. But the instrument was very good for the artist, Steinway manufactured in Hamburg.
    I also read somewhere K.Zimerman had performed in the same venue before.

    A painter (a kind of) in my country once said that Rafal's face, from the eyes towards hair, is a kind of gradation of brown:))

    When I began my website on the current format, the designer suggested several options of design. There was a design based on black and white, which I liked a lot, but eventually we decided to take this brown based design believing that this color fits well with the soft, sensitive image.

  5. Thanks to all for your good appreciations of my pictures. I have just a good numeric camera and a special admiration for the subject (Rafal). Many thanks to Akiko for this site I've just discovered. It's great ! Carmen Desor

  6. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you very much for sharing the nice photos and for recommending this site on your blog. If you plan to go to his next concert at Salle Pleyel in November, I'm looking forward to hearing your impression of that beautiful concerto in F minor :D


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