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Aug 3, 2011

Chopin's music is universal, says Blechacz

From my archive, FOCUS Magazine (Germany) No.5, Feb. 2010 gives a glimpse of interview with Rafał Blechacz.

Original interview (German)

"Better than words"

Chopin is pure emotion – and comfort, says the pianist Rafał Blechacz.

Do you still remember your first encounter with Chopin?

--That was when I learned his nocturne in B major at age of eleven. But probably I knew Chopin already before birth, because his music had always been with us at home.

Which of his works is your favorite today?

--Ah ... there are many, many, many. I have a special relationship to the Polonaise Fantaisie. Also the Piano Concerto in E minor is very important for me, because I played it at the final of the 2005 Chopin Competition in Warsaw. I owe it to him that I can now perform all over the world.

How does your audience react when you play Chopin?

--He has a tremendous effect. Chopin evokes emotions in a way without equal and stirs up people regardless of nationality, above all the Mazurkas, which characterize him the best. His music is universal. Feelings that everyone knows are hidden, such as longing, sadness, hope. Chopin’s music can express better than any words. It comforts.
(End of interview)

"...For example Polonaise-Fantasie … amazing piece, probably the most difficult, because everything is in it. Of course you can find the characteristic elements of the polonaise, the typical Polish dance. Above all this piece has many unconventional moments. It is difficult to explain. For example the end of the polonaise, an unbelievable place, which reminds me an internal struggle, leading to a victory in the end. Specially the last accord is important for me: it sounds like the ultimate fulfillment. That seems to be a little philosophical, but this music has a lot to say. But I can feel that something important is in this music." (Rafał Blechacz, interviewed in Hamburg, Oct. 2009)

"...Polonaise-Fantaisie, Op. 61, ...Few pianists can project this drama, the Chopin of scattered thoughts, chromatic anguish, the modernist Chopin... Still in his mid-20s, Blechacz has mastered the most difficult of Chopin's moods and gestures, he can make the music crystal clear in its emotional confusion. Not many performances of this deconstructed polonaise are likely to rise to the level of the one Blechacz gave Saturday afternoon. (Philip Kennicott, Washington Post, March, 2010)

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  1. Do you have the German tour schedule of Blechacz? Then I can collect the reviews for you.

  2. Oh, thank you!! Nice of you!!
    Three recitals are planned in Germany in October this year:

    8th in Munich
    14th in Dortmund
    17th in Berlin

    Please see "Concert dates" of this blog for details.


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