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Aug 10, 2011

Music Master Chopin will be available on iPad and iPhone

Music Master Chopin is the first Polish music game prepared by Bloober Team and PC Project in cooperation with The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Music Master Chopin gives the user the opportunity to perform the greatest works of Frederic Chopin. The project consists of three parts: Classic, Rock and Pop. It is the largest interactive project of the Chopin Year.

Music Master Chopin Classic is a collection of original compositions of Frederic Chopin performed by prestigious pianists such as Rafał Blechacz, Martha Argerich, Vladimir Ashkenazy.  Music Master Chopin Classic allows one to play the most significant works of Chopin with the computer keyboard or rhythmic controllers.

(track list)
* Vladimir Ashkenazy - Chopin: No. 12 in C minor "Revolutionary" 12 Etudes, Op. 10
* Yundi Li - Chopin: Nocturne No.2 in E flat, Op. 9 No.2
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 17. in A flat major 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 15. in D flat major ("Raindrop") 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 4. in E minor 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 6. in B minor 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 7. in A major 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 20. in C minor 24 Préludes, Op. 28
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: Prélude Op. 45
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 1. Nocturne in B (Andante) Deux Nocturnes, Op. 62
* Rafał Blechacz - Chopin: 2. Nocturne in E (Lento) Deux Nocturnes, Op. 62
* Martha Argerich - Chopin: Maestoso Polonaise No. 6 in A flat, Op. 53 -"Heroic"
* Makoto Ozone - Polonaise No. 3 Op. 40-1 'Militaire' Road To Chopin
(Info from wikipedia)

The Bloober Team will make the series available on devices running on iOS. Under the agreement with Bulkypix, one of the largest publishers of this platform based in San Francisco and Paris, the studio has created a version for iPad and iPhone. Premiere of the game will take place later this year, although the exact date is not known.

The agreement does not cover the territory of Japan, China and Poland, where Bloober Team plans to acquire local distributors.

news release as of August 8
another news release

You can see how the game looks like in this trailor.
Artist: Vladimir Ashkenazy,Etudes, Op. 10: No. 12 in C Minor "Revolutionary"


  1. Wow. What even... OK.
    Among my many burning questions about this product, the biggest one is: Does Rafał play this? I get a good laugh thinking about it.

  2. I've seen a photo where he plays with iPad, but don't know if it was this game :))

  3. I think it's really funny to think about him playing games. He seems like a super serious person. But then again, he does sometimes show his sense of humor in interviews, so who knows?
    Weird iPad connection: when I was at his recital in San Francisco, one of the audience members next to me was watching a video of Blechacz on his tablet computer before the show started. I thought it was kind of strange, but they guy seemed to be enjoying himself.

  4. It seems that he was offered to try and graciously accepted it (US); as you know he is always polite and nice to his backers. His sense of humor is an attribute of generous personality. My guess is that in private he wants to spend his time only for what he believes is important to him.

    When I was a Blechacz fanatic (ca.two years ago), I listened to his music by ipod while waiting for his recital. Nowadays I'm more cool-headed listener:D

  5. I recollected an interview by RB (July 2009):

    -Chopin year is coming and Chopin will be present throughout the world in many commercial forms - tales of Chopin, Chopin films… Do you like them?

    Why not? If such methods can reach out to people who have nothing to do with music in daily lives, it is a good idea.

    So his serious performance to be reaching out onto iPad is meaningful.

  6. Thanks for the link; I love revisiting old interviews, but since this one was given before I knew about RB, it was new to me. The way he mentions having a dialogue with the tuner in this article and others first gave me the impression that piano tuning is an important part of music making. There are so many little ways that RB has changed the way I think from listening to Szymanowski to reading Ingarden. Because of his references to tuners, I've chosen piano tuning as the subject of my senior project, (culminating project that demonstrates new learning my last year of high school) and I've enjoyed it very much so far.

  7. Very impressive to know that RB influences you in such important items in your life as the senior project, books to read, music to listen to...Hope everything fares well with you! I'm more than happy if this website is anything of help to you. I think I've also learned from him a lot in the process of following his music, artistic activities and words. For me he is a source of inspiration. (My English is influenced, too:))


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