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Sep 21, 2011

Blechacz playing Liszt's concerto, impression by an audience member, Brussels

I found a blog post by a Japanese who used be a concertmaster for an amateur orchestra in Tokyo and recently moved to Brussels due to a new job assignment in his organization, writing of the concert at Palais des Beaux-Arts / Salle Henry Le Bœuf on Sept. 15.

Original blog (Japanese)
You can see some photos.

(Excerpt of the part related to Rafał Blechacz’s performance.)
".....The second piece was piano concerto No.2 by Liszt, with the young Polish pianist Rafał Blechaz as the soloist. Selecting this concerto rather than No.1 was good in taste.

Blechacz, what a formidable pianist! Winning both the hall’s acoustics and the orchestra’s sound to his side, he successfully blended them to create his own music. Each sound he rendered was clear and brilliant but never a tinkling, harsh sound of attacking keys. He has a wide range of resonances, delicate and soft as well. I was astonished by the fact that he produced such various nuances in this concert hall. In phrases where the piano and the orchestra played in turn, the directivity of sounds by the pianist and the orchestra was perfectly harmonized and I felt as if there were two pianos in a favorable dialogue. He never showed off his tremendous technique, never played to the gallery excessively. He was sincere and modest in facing the music, the attitude I had a very good impression of....."

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