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Sep 28, 2011

Happy name day! / Interview in 2007 (2)

September 29 is a namesday for Rafał Blechacz.
(Raphael, the archangel: It is God who heals.)
A very happy name day to Rafał, wishing his continued health and success in the new season.

 To Rafał, we wish you a life full of joy. 


The interview (2) that Rafał Blechacz gave in April 2007 which was included in the program booklet of his 2007 Japan tour.
Please note that this interview was carried out more than four years ago and therefore some of his remarks are not current.

 Interview in 2007 (1) 

In the wake of the Chopin Competition
The Chopin Competition was really a big challenge for me. In order to be ready for the greatest and the most prestigious piano competition, I made careful preparations for an extended period of time. Undoubtedly, the experience two years before in 2003 at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition was useful for preparing and strengthening me physically and mentally. Hamamatsu was also hard, lasting for a long period and I had to perform time and again. That experience gave me a clue of how to apportion my energy to each stage in Warsaw.

Participating in the Chopin Competition was a great experience and I cherish a lot of good memories. After the Competition, however, I remain the same person as before winning it. There is no change to my attitude toward people and environment surrounding me. If there is something that changed, it is that I’m now well-known and popular in several countries. This naturally causes a change to my lifestyle and daily scheduling. But the biggest challenge for me is now that I won this Competition, I must always prove that I am the pianist worthy of the gold medal. Therefore, I’m destined to seek perfection for life, but we are humans with a lot of weak points and limits. If I tell you my commitment in a few words, “I will follow the same path that I have always followed, striving not to lose sight of the most important thing in my life.”

My next goal is to graduate from the Music Academy which will probably happen this summer, practice for new repertoire and have communications with those important people in the classical music world who will give me prudence and musical experience. In February this year, I stayed with Krystian Zimerman in Switzerland for five days. He was very caring about me and generously gave me advice and helped me in music. The occasion was for me “a very important workshop”.

 (To be continued.)

**My blog friend lotus-eater (Germany) posted an article of Rafał Blechacz on his name day (Namenstag)


  1. Happy Name Day, Rafal!
    Tomorrow it will be a posting about him on my blog.

  2. It's great! I'm looking forward to that.

  3. I've just posted Blechacz's calendar 2011/12 and a video.
    Haven't found his concert schedule with NDR Radiophilharmonie in Feb. 2012.

  4. I hope you've got a better translator than what I have on my blog. It just drives me crazy, because the translation in English is often totally wrong.
    I meant, Chopin's music is never dramatic.

  5. Wonderful & thanks!
    I saw a list of orchestral performances earlier this year including RB's Beethoven concerto with NDR Radio but the link changed...Maybe it's gone :((
    Instead, I found RB's concerto in Helsinki in 2014.. :D

  6. I carefully read and noticed such words as keinen and nicht so hopefully there was no misunderstanding. Gracefulness (or nobleness) is one of the fundamental attributes that I usually feel from RB's performances.

    If I come across more complicated German text, please give me a help...!


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