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Sep 7, 2011

Interview in 2007 (1)

From my archive,
the interview that Rafał Blechacz gave in April 2007 which was included in the program booklet of his 2007 Japan tour. I was deeply impressed by his intelligence as well as his heavenly interpretations at the concerts, including Chopin’s concerto with the Russian National Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Pletnev.

Please note that this interview was carried out more than four years ago and therefore some of his remarks are not current.

(Interviewed via e-mail by Katsuhiko Shibata)

About myself.
I began playing piano at age of five. First at the music center in Nakło, then I was enrolled in the Arthur Rubinstein Music School to continue. I was an ordinary, quiet boy-next-door, there are hundreds of boys like me everywhere, but I was very sensitive acquiring music during early childhood. For example, when I was little, back home after the holy mass, I was absorbed in reproducing on the piano carols and hymns that I'd just heard. Soon, my parents were aware of this ability and decided to direct me toward music education. I was very patient, was able to dedicate myself for long hours to a music that I heard for the first time. When I play a piece, I intuitively get into the composition and the composer’s heart, striving to find out the true interpretation through my sensitivity, understanding and emotions.

I don’t have a single composer that I like most. Whenever playing a piece, I love its composer and his composition most. Of course there are many favorite composers. I especially love Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt and Debussy. There are so many beautiful music compositions that everyone can find and experience something specially important to him.

Now I’m working hard on Preludes by Chopin that I’ll record for Deutsche Grammophon in July. Preparing for the recording is so important for me that I have almost no time to allocate for other things. But I spend my time reading many books that can expand my knowledge about the world and its heritage. Recently I read a book written by Władysław Tatarkiewicz, a famous Polish philosopher.

My personality
One cannot be objective when talking about himself. But people surrounding me often say that I am a serious, modest person. Probably it describes me nicely. My parents say that my attitude toward the music goals is maintained consistently, though it requires perseverance and untiring practice, involving sacrifices by some ways, such as giving up free time. I can say that probably it describes my strong points. Undoubtedly, the fact that I am strong in faith has helped me in my life. If I talk about my weak points, I’m not good at swimming, because I’ve had no time to acquire this technique which should be very useful and make me feel very comfortable. I want to learn swimming sometime.

My favorite words that guide me in life are trust, hope and love. No one will regret not only saying these words but practicing them. The words that I most often use in daily life are probably “thank you”, “please” and “piano”. It is just from a simple statistical viewpoint.

(To be continued)


  1. I really enjoyed this old interview. I now feel an urge to read something by Tartarkiewicz besides the feeling that I should have known about this author beforehand. I wonder if he's made any progress in swimming...

    Do you have any idea of what's going on in this picture?

  2. Oh diligent and intelligent Sandrine, I cannot catch up with you :D

    The picture was taken at a restaurant in the country club in Olszewka, near Józef Blechacz School, named after his great grandpa. Rafał Blechacz visited the school in the afternoon, June 30. The great grandpa was an elementary school head before and some years after the II World War until the communist school authorities removed him on ideological grounds. But now his contribution to the education in the region is very much appreciated and the school in Olszewka bears his name and a plaque to honor him was unveiled in Oct. last year on one of school's walls. (Now the plaque is possible, but under the communist political system it wasn't.) Rafał Blechacz was touring abroad, not available on that occasion and other family members joined the ceremony. This time, Blechacz was with his extended family members and accompanied by several fans whom people of the school warmly welcomed as their guests. In this picture, Blechacz is saying a few words in this context.
    I think that for the pupils of the school, it should be a source of pride to study at school with the name of the great educator whose great grandson is such a renowned artist

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    You can see the photo of the portrait of his great grandpa and Rafał Blechacz with sunflowers.

  3. On the contrary, I can't imagine being as industrious as you. Thanks for the great explanation. I remember the articles, but I didn't think of them when I saw the picture.

  4. Actually, I wanted to write about this topic of his visit to the school but missed the opportunity. So thank you for asking :))


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