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Sep 23, 2011

Two interviews that you may have missed (video)

For those who came to know about Blechacz recently.

1  Rafał Blechacz talks about the album "Chopin The Piano Concertos".
(July, 2009)
Some of you may have missed the 2nd half of this interview, where he talks about Maestro Semkow, RCO and his career (in addition to the 1st half of the interview available in the trailer video).

2  Another interview (video) that he talks about his album "sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven" (summer, 2008).
Recently this video was re-posted on the website of myclassicworld with some additional description.
Interviewer: Axel Brüggemann

Watch the video.

(Excerpt of the description)
" .....Rafał Blechacz is different (from other pianists). He is a man of subtle tones. You should listen to the Polish pianist with a special attention....."
"......Currently no other young musician lets the piano sing like Rafał Blechacz. He is always on the search for the orchestral sound on the keyboard; on the search for the core of the piece that he plays; in a direct manner without embellishment. The way he goes ahead is incredibly emotional and accurate. Rafał Blechacz is a classical artist of the new generation—generation of seriousness. He leaves glossiness behind in order to take care of what is at stake: the joy of music....."

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