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Nov 5, 2011

Overwhelming standing ovation in Victoria Hall, Geneva

On November 4 @20:00, Rafal Blechacz held a recital at the Victoria Hall, Geneva.

"Rafał played his recital in Geneva's Victoria Hall tonight. He likes this concert hall very much. And he played again there to a big applause bordering a tumultuous rage! Already after the first part there were shoutings and thunderous ovation. Not to mention after the finale: standing ovation and huge applause. He played two encores: a mazurka and Polonaise As-dur".

List of " Les Grands Interprètes"  

Brochure of Les Grands Interprètes (PDF)
Blechacz is on the 5th page.

Slide show of Victoria Hall
To see next picture, click "suviant"


  1. Wonderful, every time when Rafal has a concert or recital I think of him and wishes him the best. Who is that lucky R. Frackowski ? Polish I think and lucky to be almost at every concert of Rafal, it's nice that he places a review at the same evening of the concert. I appreciate it much,that,s why I asked, who is he or she I hope you can tell me.

  2. I also turn my heart to the concert venue to pray for the success when Rafał plays music somewhere in the world. I always thank all the people who provide precious news of the artist helping me keep on this website for the very special pianist we care about. Thanks for your interest and visiting the site.

  3. I also envy the misterious R.Frackowski :)
    and hope to be able to attend more Rafał's concerts in the future and to sahre my impressions with you. I am also very glad that our 'beloved' pianist is getting so much ahead in his artistic development.

    Marzena Jaworska

  4. I must say that this is the best website about Rafal Blechacz in the whole website :).
    I'm really happy for his success! But honestly I also can't wait to see him in Poland again, I miss his concerts so much!

    Greets and good luck, Akiko :)

  5. Sometimes I want to have my clone to be attending Rafał's concerts in Europe :P
    Thanks to Marzena for your help to this blog with translation.

    And thanks to the anonymous for your compliment. Last year I read in a Polish article that he is going to play in Poland in 2012. I don't know if this schedule is still alive but hope that it is the case. Rafał Blechacz is the treasure and source of pride of your country and Polish people.


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