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Nov 3, 2011

Ovation in Fribourg

St.Nicolas Cathedral, Fribourg

On Nov. 2 Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Aula de l'Université Fribourg, Switzerland.

"Again very good news about Rafał's recital! It was tonight in Fribourg, l'Université de Fribourg, Aula Magna. After each part there was a huge applause for Rafał. The public were very much moved experiencing his artistry and sensibility of his playing. He played two encores for them: Waltz a-moll No. 2, op. 34 and Mazurka e-moll No. 2, op. 17".

This is a comment that a German fan left on this blog just today, about Blechacz's recital in Munich on Oct.8).

"..... I'm still oberwhelmed. Rafał Blechacz caught me and I hope I can manage to hear him again (maybe Stuttgart or Heidelberg)! If you hear Rafał for one time, you won't be quiet until you've heard him for another time.

It was a wonderful experience, after the Ballade no. 2 there was silence. Nobody moved, nobody sneezed, nobody applaused, we sat there...and...I've no words for it!"

Thanks for sharing how you felt at that precious quiet moment at the end of Ballade in F major.

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