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Nov 25, 2011

Rafał Blechacz plays Debussy, Szymanowski - trailer of the new album

See Deutsche Grammophon Rafał Blechacz Debussy Szymanowski page

Trailer video

"For my next CD I chose music by Szymanowski and Debussy. I wanted to show a sharp contrast between impressionism and expressionism..."

Sarabande from Pour le Piano by Debussy

"Most of Debussy pieces which I decided to record for the CD, I’ve been playing around ten years…each has specific style, specific atmosphere, and I must say that I’m very happy that I found a really good piano which allows me to show a lot of colors, values, shades of the sound and also of the moods.....   I chose two cycles,  'Estampes',  'Pour le Piano', and very interesting short piece 'Island of Joy', which I performed as an encore after my recitals... "

Minuet from Szymanowski's piano sonata in C minor

"...My story of Szymanowski music started relatively early.  I was 11 or 12 years old I remember I attended the concert by Polish pianist Jerzy Godziszewski **.  And I was absolutely delighted by the Szymanowski music. I remember everything sounded so beautiful, heart-breakingly beautiful, especially harmony, wonderful modulations, melodies, and I really wanted to play Szymanowski’s music…I chose 'Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor' and 'the first Sonata opus 8',..."


"... Szymanowski was quite young and he was absolutely fascinated by expressionist music like Scriabin.  We can hear typical atmosphere of expressionism...The first sonata opus 8, the 3rd movement is a kind of minuet, which proves that a classical thinking, approach was very close to Szymanowski,…and it’s very optimistic piece and especially the middle part in this minuet is very interesting, a lot of polyphonies..."


  1. I can't get out of this page...[infinite replaying]
    Thanks GOD!
    ありがとう ございます!
    -Anonymous Korean Fan
    Next time my nickname will be A.K.F :)

  2. "These videos are," this American says "just in time to add to the Thanksgiving festivities" as if people from every other country pay attention to these things. But I am always thankful for any new Blechacz interview that comes my way through this blog. And that minuet is just about the most bashfully charming thing I have heard in my life (though I was even more impressed by the wonderfully voiced fugue lines in the fourth movement in concert.) My only qualms with the videos themselves were that horrendous-looking couch and the uneven sleeve peeking out from one arm of the sweater that nobody made the effort to clean up. But these problems spring more from my distracted eye than from any DG shortcomings, and I can't wait until the actual album is out.

  3. Can't nearly wait to buy this CD it will complete all the CD's I have from our dear Rafal !

  4. I'm glad to hear that Blechacz found a very good instrument to express what he wants to express - colors, values, shades of sounds, etc...Like Sandrine, I love the minuet and the fugue in the final of the sonata; the beginning of the sonata 1st movement is also very transporting. I must say all the five pieces are very beautiful, fascinating when played by Rafał. “The most bashfully charming thing,” I love this charming description but you'll definitely hear a lot of beautiful, charming things in your life (you are younger.)

    Thanks for comments from Korea and ??. Like you, can't wait. DG successfully raises our expectations; we've already waited for over a year.


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