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Nov 19, 2011

Rafał Blechacz's new album "Debussy・Szymanowski"

From KlassikAkzente 03/2011, (dated November 10, 2011)

Please see the final page of this KlassikAkzente 03/2011, "Preview of January".

It refers to Debussy's "Pour le piano" and Szymanowski's sonata No.1 in C minor, the pieces that Blechacz played in his recital in Berlin last month,

".....In early February you will be convinced by Blechacz with excitement in his eagerly anticipated new recital - by the playful brilliance and emotional depth of these two pieces - a true find of the secret (Geheimtipp)."

A German fan received the DG news magazine"Klassik" that included the same photo and article, therefore, I knew about the news and found this on-line Preview by KlassikAkzente.
(Many thanks to lotus-eater for the info.)

We still have about two months to go in waiting....

**Universal Music Germany posted the same newsletter on Nov.20

From a review of Blechacz's recital in Berlin posted on Berliner Morgenpost

Kammermusiksaal: Pianist Rafał Blechacz feels at home
Oct. 19, 2011

With concise controlled movements, shaken out of the sleeves, the slender pianist can create his sound world and let it faint as equally quickly. The audience can only sit, amazed and celebrate him at the end.

Rafał Blechacz is a precious secret (Geheimtipp), as before, which incidentally explains the sparsely occupied Kammermusiksaal. Now, the young Pole is on a par with all the greats like Pollini, Argerich or Pogorelich. (The latter was, however, at the elite Warsaw Chopin Competition, which takes place only every five years, got no prize, which once led to a scandal.) Blechacz got the prize unanimously in 2005. Blechacz is from the countryside from a pianistic viewpoint, born in 1985 in Nakło and matured far away from the molding of big musicians. But Chopin's music is his nursery. With the four Mazurkas from Op 17, he feels quite at home and therefore can take liberties as the brilliant technician in accentuation. His own way of cool dissection of emotional states, he transfers to other composers. Bach's Partita No. 1 in B flat major gaining deep shades, Szymanowski's Sonata in C minor at ease, Debussy's Suite "for the piano" in abundance, unique nine variations by Mozart KV 264 - the unpretentious Blechacz has no manierismo, has some lengths.


  1. Ahh, finally...I am also kind of glad that the stylist finally ditched hair gel (not a flattering look on him).

  2. Finally. I like the naturalness and color coordination of this cover.

    Reactions from several fans so far are: "Wonderful!", "Very happy", "I love it!", "I cannot wait!", and so on...:D

  3. Hello, Akiko!
    I've been always appreciated for your fastest,valuable information about Blechacz.
    Thank you for sharing news of new album.
    I love the jacket, especially. :D
    -Anonymous Korean Fan

  4. Hi, thank you for visiting and for your compliment. Kamsa-hamnida.
    Yes I also love this jacket as it shows Rafał Just the Way He Is :))
    He is very popular in Korea, right?

    See you.

  5. Oh, wow, my opinion is so mainstream; I agree with everything. Can't wait.

  6. I'm looking forward to uncovering it; what colors I'll see in pictures and hear and sense from his interpretations...

  7. You guys would love this CD! I was lucky to hear it live. Especially the Szymanowski's was very impressive. It seems that Blechacz and the composer are soul mates:-)
    When I see Blechacz next time, I'll ask him to play the 2. of Szymanowski's which is one of the most beautiful piano works and of my favorites.
    Looking forward to his concert coming Spring.

  8. Many many thanks to lotus-eater!
    I've not heard his Szymanowski's sonata nr.1 live unlike you and others in America and Europe, if I would have the opportunity in the future...I've heard two of Debussy's works to be included in this album live several times. It makes me emotional when remembering them because he played them so beautifully... Szymanowski's nr.2? It must be impressive!


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