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Dec 27, 2011

Congrats and thanks to our Pianist

To recap this year, the blog posts that were accessed most for the past year were:

1 Rafał Blechacz talks about music interpretation (video).
(Philosophical discussion at his university.  Yes he is a philosopher. →related interview)

2 Birthday wishes to our beloved pianist.

3 Rafał Blechacz comes to US and Canada and
   Blechacz to perform Chopin's Concerto with London Philharmonic Orchestra, Oct 26 /interviewed by BBC3

Courtesy Torun's festival of
Science and Arts website
Looks like fans want to hear his interpretation either by performance or voice (though not many of them understand in Polish), and thank him for the beautiful music and experience.

I'm pleased to see increased accesses from Americas and other new countries.

I manage Japanese blog too and the trend of readers' favorite is similar, except that in Japanese blog, the most accessed post was;

Special album "In Solidarity with Japan" to be launched in Poland
with by far the biggest traffic.
The charity album was compiled in Poland with performances by outstanding Polish Chopin players (Blechacz, Zimerman, etc...), intended for benefiting the children hit by the quake/tsunami in Japan in March.  Japanese people were very much grateful to the country of Chopin for extending helping hand with the special Chopin's album.

Reesendamm Strasse, Hamburg
Courtesy Deutsche Grammophon
In January, Rafał Blechacz had a recording session for the new album of Debussy and Szymanowski at Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg.

In the following month, he began to give live concerts, first from America.

☆program website
★review, news
♥ interview

Feb. 6 Recital @Sundin Music Hall, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota  podcast
Feb.11 Recital @Hill Auditorium, Michigan
Feb.13 Chopin Concerto No.1 with Concertante (a string sextet) @Rackham Auditorium, Michigan  
Feb.18 Recital @Folly Theater, Kansas City
Feb.20 Recital @ @Herbst Theatre, SF
Feb.22 Recital and Chopin Concerto No.1 @ Winspear Centre, Edmonton 

March 16, 17 Beethoven Concerto No.4 with Orchetre de Paris conducted by Paavo Järvi @ Salle Pleyel, Paris

March 20 Recital @Casa de Cordón, Burgos, Spain 
March 22 Recital @ Auditorio Nacional de Musica, Madrid 

March 25 Recital @Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Italy 
March 28 Recital @Musica Insieme, Bologna press release

April 7 Recital @Haus-Konzerte, Berlin  press release 

May 25 Recital for Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele @Rokokotheater

June 7 Recital @Salle Pleyel, Paris
June 27 Recital a recital for Tivoli Festival @Koncertsalen, Copenhagen

Sept.15 Concerto No.2 by Liszt with Orchestre National de Belgique Conductor: Antoni Wit @Palais des Beaux-Arts / Salle Henry Le Bœuf

Oct. 7 Recital @Kloster Polling, Bibliotheksaal, Weilheim
Oct. 8 Recital @Prinzregententheater, Munich  interview (podcast) is available on iTunes store (please search by "Blechacz").

Oct.14 Recital @ Konzerthaus Dortmund
Oct.17 Recital @Kammermusiksaal, Berlin

from BBC3, Oct. 25
Oct.26 Chopin Concerto No.2 with the London Symphony Orchestra under Jaap van Zwedenat @ Royal Festival Hall, London

Nov. 2 Recital @University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland
Nov. 4 Recital @Victoria Hall, Geneva
Nov. 7 Recital @Tonhalle Zürich

Nov. 11 Chopin concerto No.2 with Sinfonia Varsovia, conductor: Grzegorz Nowak @Salle Pleyel, Paris

In June, Rafał Blechacz was awarded The Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis by the Polish government.

June 22 at the Medal awarding ceremony
 by Polish Government

Congratulations to our Pianist.
May the new year bring many more opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of music.

We are grateful to be able to appreciate your interpretation of Debussy and Szymanowski early next year.

In February, 2012, he will begin the new year's performance in Madrid and Rome with Beethoven's piano concerto No. 4.  He will perform the concerto in La Scala, Milan and Smetata Hall, Prague in May as well.

Here he talks about his thoughts on this concerto by Beethoven (video interview from Orchestre de Paris website, shot in March 2011.)

from Orchestre de Paris website


  1. It was such an amazing year! Lots of great things happened. I hope next year will be as good or even better for Rafal and for fans (can't wait for new album!) :).
    And of course - best wishes for you, Akiko :) your site is professional and worth trust. I wish you a lot of power to continue your job next year :)

  2. Hi Monika! Lots of thanks to your nice encouragement and let's wish together for Rafał's further great success in the coming year!... I CANNOT wait for the album! I also wish the new year will bring you happiness and hope.

  3. I know you are busy with your work but do the blog as a volunteer. I would like to thank u for the sacrifice. It is the only reliable information source of Blechacz in my country. Keep on, please!

  4. I'm usually very busily occupied with my professional work but strangely when I find some news about the Pianist, I can almost always find a fraction of time to post it. I'm wondering if there is an invisible hand guiding course of events :)

    This blog is not the info source but a collection of information from various sources. I try to post only reliable news worthy of reading and might sometimes discard unreliable ones; writing with many factual mistakes or that doesn't represent quality of his art.

    Hope that you enjoy the blog.

  5. I agree with them. This site serves as the primary source of information about Rafal Blechacz. It is even more accurate than the "official" website :)

    Thank you Ms. Akiko for making this blog! I don't know where you acquire all this information but it is amazing that you get to gather these articles, news, interviews, videos, photos, links and all other things about him.

    Indeed, this blog is made with real appreciation and passion to art. Please do continue updating this blog for this is the only site I trust.

    Thank you very much Ms. Akiko and have a wonderful new year!!!

    (greetings from Manila :D)
    --Angelika W. <3

  6. Hi Angelika, thank you very much for such nice and supportive words about this website.
    I find and post relevant news, info. by googling by "blechacz" and "past 24 hours". Therefore, I cannot find news in languages that describe the pianist in local languages other than Blechacz, such as Russian, Chinese, Korean, etc...Sometimes I get news from fans in several countries and I feel very grateful to them. The biggest driving force is of course this artist with unparalleled sound and heavenly music.
    A very happy new year to you!


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