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Dec 29, 2011

Polish media introduces the new album of Blechacz

Rzeczpospolita, a major national daily in Poland, introduces Rafał Blechacz's new album "DEBUSSY SZYMANOWSKI" on its website on Dec. 29.

Rzeczpospolita website

"Another face of Rafał Blechacz"
 (Rough summary of the article written by Jacek Marczyński).
Rafał Blechacz’s new album scheduled to be released from Deutsche Grammophon on February 1, 2012 will be a surprise for those who regard Blechacz as Chopin’s expert. The world’s best label, which had an exclusive contract with Blechacz in 2006 just after his brilliant victory in the Chopin Competition and extended the contract after releasing two albums by Blechacz, has produced three of his albums, which sold 160 thousand copies worldwide...

(then the author describes DG's engagement with other artists such as Krystian Zimerman to reiterate that its contract with Blechacz is beneficial to the label.)

 .....Now the time has come for Blechacz to cease to be seen as a specialist of Chopin’s music and to change the image. The new album consists of works by Karol Szymanowski and Claude Debussy with which Blechacz seeks the opportunity to present the wealth of colors and moods of music. It is worth recalling that he had already performed the music by these two composers for long years even before the Chopin competition in 2005. If you are interested in how he interpret them now, you need to wait until Feb.  For now please visit DG’s website.


  1. "The world's best label"...I am not sure what I think about that after seeing DG sign with people solely base on their appearance, fame and media buzz and release CD with little to no market value(for the past year or two)...Anyway, at least they did something constructive like ending contract with Yundi early (Two weeks ago, there was a little drama going on in Chinese classical circle when Yundi gave a disastrous performance of Beethoven 1st concerto.Basically, he was unprepared and didn't seem to care) ...

    Anyway, I think Rafal is just a well-rounded artist who gives convincing performance on whatever he chooses to perform. I like him more as a classicist (The classical sonatas is my most reached album of his)though.

  2. It should be "one of the biggest tycoons of record industry". Excuse me for the loose wording.
    I think DG needs to stay commercially viable by having a portfolio of diversified artists. Taking in high-profile, buzz based figures requires occasional reshuffling; the artist you mention affected. I just omitted this part of DG track record in my post..
    Yes Rafał is a well-rounder. I also like his playing classical composers very much, and Bach!

  3. I agree with you guys. For DG, money comes first, but they've got their reason for it. There're some pianists at DG who play worse than Yundi Li. Li's Chopin is not bad, but I personally find his interpretation colourless.

  4. For me it's difficult to characterize an artist's interpretation in a word, it depends.
    Let me quote what I remember from a Rafal's interview.

    from Rafal's interview;
    "The more I'm in music, the more I deal with different interpretations; I go to concerts, which makes it more difficult to say that this interpretation is better, that is worse. I cannot say so any more. Simply, it is different."


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