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Dec 12, 2011

Rafał Blechacz's new album "DEBUSSY SZYMANOWSKI" to be launched Feb. 15 (Japan)

Universal Classics Japan official website announced that Rafał Blechacz's new album "DEBUSSY SZYMANOWSKI" will be launched on Feb. 15, 2012 in Japan.

Click the picture to go to Universal Japan.

Universal Classics Japan
**Debbusy "clair de lune" will be added as a bonus track to the Japanese version.

**Tower Records and other Japanese vendors began accepting booking. **

**People are delighted that "clair de lune" is included according to some tweets.


  1. So Japanese shops are very quick in booking :))

  2. Still two months to go :(

  3. You guys are lucky, not only getting the bonus track but also a (slightly) better price!

  4. I believe the bonus track will be made available via on-line purchase in major markets like the bonus tracks so far.

    Chopin Mazurka op.50-1 (Preludes),
    Mozart sonata in C major k.545 1st movement (sonatas), and
    Chopin Mazurka op.17-4 (Concertos)

    These bonus tracks were sold via iTunes and other on-line shops.

    Probably "clair de lune" is included in Japanese CD because on-line purchase of classical music is not so common here, and the version played by Rafał Blechacz is incredibly popular among Japanese music fans (he played this piece as an encore many times here).

  5. Thanks for mentioning! I actually never purchase anything from i-tune but I know where to look next time. So now the "complete" CD costs 35 bucks = = ...

  6. It's always a mystery why DG doesn't publicize the additional tracks.
    Rafał mentioned about the bonus for "Preludes" in his interview in Paris, and about additional short tracks for the Internet in another interview in Poland.

    I knew about Mozart as bonus from a French music fan. It's my favorite of favorites, very Rafał; serene and refreshing. I knew about the bonus for Concerti from a friend in Poland.

    I believe you'll have US CD priced without Forex impact.

  7. Is this US site? It offers more reasonable price. Import from UK.

  8. Thanks for the link (actually or keeping this blog in general)! 22 bucks is so much better...Now I feel so much better being in US (not only because we have cheap fruits. lol.)

  9. (*^-^)
    thanks for comments.


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