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Jan 31, 2012

Rafał Blechacz interview/new album, broadcast, Feb. 4 by RMF Classic

RMF Classic will broadcast an interview with Rafał Blechacz, followed by playing his new album, "DEBUSSY SZYMANOWSKI",

on Saturday, February 4
@18:30 (interview)
  21:00 (new album "DEBUSSY SZYMANOWSKI") (Poland time)

RMF Classic website 

(From the summary article of this website)

I have a disposition to hear colors

Each album records what is close to my heart. But only after experiences of stage I feel I can go to the studio and record materials. At that moment I thought very seriously to record works by Debussy and Szymanowski, then chose the ones that I played during the last concert seasons.

The greatest inspiration was Debussy and his music. I tried to bring about such a situation in which I can enter very deeply into the work itself, in its logic and meaning. I was searching for the style of composers that I feel close to me and want to play. The most important thing is to make my interpretation of Debussy and not the interpretation of others. Of course, all interpretations of Debussy familiar to me are part of the history of the work, but the composer, knowledge of his style and my intuition are very important to me.

The most important thing is to choose the piano. It must be a piano, which allows me to look for colors, shades of sound, and also the piano featuring large volume of the sound, powerful bass, which is very necessary for example for Szymanowski's Sonata. I managed to find such an ideal piano in Hamburg. I chose an instrument that already knew from the concerts in the city. Another important step is working in the studio. Arranging the microphones to render spaciousness for recording and all the nuances as well. This recording was made of the four side sound. Unlike my previous solo albums, but the quality, facilities, equipment were actually the same.

When I play, different images appear. With pieces by Debussy, the images are an integral part of impressionist thinking about music. In this case, you need to hear colors, see color in a way. In Szymanowski's compositions, I also hear the entire coloristic spectrum. I have such a disposition to hear colors. A specific tonality reminds me of a particular color, eg: B major is orange, G major is green, D major is blue. Fortunately, these colors are not dominant and don’t interfere with interpretation and searching for other colors. When I play a song written in the key of A major, it's all yellow and strongly motivates me to look for other shades. Colours play a very important role in music and I try to follow this style.

The description of his trait of "synesthesia" got reactions from several fans.
This is another interview (2010) in which Blechacz talks about his tendency to "hear colors" since his childhood.  Try & read it if you are interested in♫

"Mam dwie przypadłości: słuch absolutny i słyszenie kolorami. Określona tonacja, może nie każda, ale większość, ma u mnie konkretny kolor, np. H-dur intensywny pomarańczowy, G-dur zawsze zielony, D-dur niebieski, A-dur żółty. To może wydawać się dziwne, ale po prostu tak widzę, tak widziałem muzykę od dzieciństwa".
(Added by Akiko, on Feb. 8)

★☆。.:*:・"゚★('-^v) I'm listening (v^-')★。.:*:・"☆★

In Japan, the new album (import from EU) was released today♫
I picked up the booked CD on my way home and now am submerged in the world of Szymanowski, understanding what Blechacz said in the trailer video.

".....everything sounded so beautiful, heart-breakingly beautiful,.."

From the CD cover:
"An emerging titan" (San Francisco Classical Voice) plays two composers closest to his heart, Debussy and the pianist's great Polish compatriot Szymanowski.
"There's a lot of expression in Szymanowski's sonata - beautiful melodies, interesting harmony and wonderful modulations - I think audiences will love it".(Rafał Blechacz)

My heart is completely broken.


  1. It's really interesting to find Rafal has some sort of "synesthesia." H. Grimaud and I. Perlman are examples known to have this condition. R@NY

    1. Hi how have you been? Yes it's very interesting to know about this. I've got e-mail from a fan who plays piano and have the same cognitive trait but with a different color scheme. I just imagine how it plays out...

    2. Yeah, no matter how much or what way you can feel color out of sounds, it helps to get absorbed in beautiful music imagining color, lights or any abstract sensation or thoughts... Cannot wait the cd! :-) R

    3. I'm lucky to have this disc already available here (sorry!) Yes, I'm absorbed in the pure, coloristic, lucid and fluent Pour le Piano. I remember when I first heard this piece played by RB two years ago, I was deeply touched and tried to find a performance by other pianist who plays this piece like him with no avail. Szymanowski's sonata disordered my lacrimal gland yesterday. Hope that you'll get it soon.


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