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Jan 21, 2012

Rafał Blechacz's message to Japanese audience

Rafał Blechacz offers a special dedication to Japanese audience for the new album's CD, Japanese version.
(About the special bonus track "Clair de lune" by Debussy).

This performance of Debussy's Clair de lune is specially dedicated to my audiences in Japan as a sign of my heartfelt solidarity and compassion in the face of the natural disaster that struck your country in March 2011 and its tragic consequences. - Rafał Blechacz 

From Universal Music Japan website
This is a website to promote SHM-CD version of the new album.

My heart is full of gratitude and emotions.


  1. It's nice of Blechacz! He seems to be a person of great sensibility. Surely it influences his music a lot.

    1. It surely does. Rafał Blechacz offers the best thing that he can offer to all the listeners of my country. He often played this piece as one of the encores here. Every time he played this piece, I felt a special intimacy and bond between the pianist and the entire audience. Each sound has lucidity. I find no words to express my gratitude.

  2. Rafal is a wonderful great-hearted human being, that wonderful caracter makes him so lovely and special....

  3. I'm moved!
    I'd like to express my gratitude to him for his great kindness and music, but I don't know how.
    Our long-awaiting CD will be available soon. I'm so impatient to listen to

  4. Thank you Rafal for such a warm and beautiful present! I love this music. I love your music!
    I'm looking forward to the new CD.

    Greetings from Japan


  5. What a wonderful person Blechacz is...♡

  6. Wow....he's a wonderful person.
    I'm happy and so moved for this, even if I'm not Japanese.
    Greetings! ^_^

  7. An exceptional pianist and human being of intelligence, sensitivity, spirituality as well as artistry...!

  8. Akiko, you are reading in my thoughts:) The more I listen to his play, the more I realize how kind, honest, sensitive, intelligent and 'deeply spiritual' Rafał is and how lucky we are to have him among us.
    His personality is fully 'audible' in his encores, as one usually feels that there is a reason why he chooses one piece and not another for the specific audience on the specific day; I have been to quite a few concerts by various artists and I dare say that no matter how good they were, none of them had the ability (or willingness?)to create such an intimate bond with the audience; whereas listening to Rafał in a concert hall one can clearly hear and feel that the artist creates an exceptionally intimate atmosphere in order to 'spiritually' approach the audience and communicate a message that makes a real difference in most lives.

    A warm hug from Poland,
    Marzena Jaworska

  9. Marzena, I can't agree more especially when you say "how lucky we are to have him among us", and" his personality is fully 'audible'...". Thanks for articulating the beauty of the Pianist.
    Actually, I sometimes feel it difficult to select the words that best describe my thoughts about him.

    And I'm very happy to hear many voices here of appreciation to him/his music. I agree with all of you♫


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