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Feb 13, 2012

From a website of Universal Music Group Germany

introducing Blechacz's album "Debussy Szymanowski"

(rough outline)
For his recordings of sonatas and piano concertos by Frederich Chopin, Polish pianist Rafal Blechacz has been highly honored. Now the 26 years old devoted himself to solo works by Claude Debussy and Szymanowski to the tension between impressionism and expressionism and provides meditative intensity of gems with such works as "Estampes" (Debussy) and the Sonata in C minor, Op 8 (Szymanowski).

His playing is characterized by well thought out maturity, highly focused and full of lightness. In the "Prelude" from "Pour le Piano", the Chopin Prize winner shines with majesty and pianistic brilliance; in "Jardins sous la pluie" from "Estampes" (both by Debussy), he meditates in the monotonous pounding of raindrops, gently accompanied by glissandi. The transcendent pearls in the music of Debussy, the dazzling colors as in "L'Isle Joyeuse" refer to Blechacz with respect and great connoisseurship.

The music of Szymanowski with its emotional sound language requires more depth when compared to that of Debussy, and it is especially the case with the Sonata in C minor, which Blechacz feels attracted since his youth. The love for this work runs through all the records that Blechacz passionately recounts, especially the lovely graceful "Minuetto", one of the highlights of this recording.
(by Birgit Schlinger)

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