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Feb 5, 2012

Rafał Blechacz's another great success in Madrid

On February 4, Rafał Blechacz performed Beethoven's piano concerto No. 4 in G major with Orquesta Nacional de España (ONE) under the direction of Josep Pons at Auditorio Nacional in Madrid.

"Another great success of Rafał. Like in the concert yesterday, he charmed the audience yet again. Long lasting applause demanded an encore so he played one: Mazurka A minor, op. 17."

Rafał Blechacz will perform the concerto again for Sunday matinee on Feb.5.

@JF Kennedy Center, Feb.27, 2010
He played this Mazurka as an encore
I remember he played this concerto by Beethoven three years ago in Fukuoka (Feb.6) and Tokyo (Feb.9) mesmerizing many fans from at home and abroad...!


  1. wonderful I'm happy for him, also always Chopin stays near him, the wonderful encore Mazurka op.17 beautiful...

  2. He is really blessed with the grace of Heaven, lots of loves from many people.


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