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Feb 2, 2012

Rafał Blechacz's interview with Polish Radio 2 (podcast)

Here you can hear the interview that Rafał Blechacz gave to Polskie Radio 2 "Spotkanie z Rafałem Blechaczem" on February 1.
It's a fragment of the interview to be broadcast on Sunday.

Program website
Click on the speaker icon below Blechacz's photo to hear the interview.  (about 4 minutes, preceded by 20 seconds' CM)

- I remember when I performed Estampes in Japan, where I had the opportunity to see these magnificent temples, pagodas, and the atmosphere helps me understand the mood of the music by Debussy - Blechacz said. - And when I play "The Island of Joy", I have the sight of Majorca, where I played this piece for the first time. It all works in my imagination. For these inspirations I need, the impressionist paintings are also referenced. This is important when looking for the adequate nature to this music.

When working on Debussy verbal calling of colors was important. In music, we tend to identify colors by the dynamics, and I worked on searching relevant colors: in "Gardens in the Rain" I hear silvery droplets flopped on the keyboard, and at the end even the golden aura ... Slightly pressing the right pedal causes the illumination of the sound, a little left pedal renders a dull sound...

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