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Feb 11, 2012


"In its first week of release, the recording of exquisite works by Debussy and the pianist’s compatriot Szymanowski – two of Blechacz’s special composers – has already achieved gold status in his native country. 

The recording’s first reviews are in. Polish Radio 2 calls it a “brilliant album . . . A beautifully engineered recording of a superb programme”, while Hi-Fi i Muzyka marvels over the pianist’s “pure artistry”. 

The new album by Rafał Blechacz looks set to equal or surpass the huge success of his previous recordings for Deutsche Grammophon. His debut album of the complete Chopin Preludes, which went platinum in Poland after only five weeks, has sold more than 60,000 copies worldwide. Blechacz’s second Chopin recording reached gold status in Poland on the very first day of its release as well. 

Warmest congratulations to Rafał Blechacz on yet another triumph!"

(From Facebook Deutsche Grammophon and Rafał Blechacz) 

@Berliner Philharmonie, Nov.2010


  1. He truly deserves his triumph in his CDs. Congratulations Rafal!!! I wish someday his albums would also reach Philippines..
    greetings :)


    1. I also wish that his albums, the essence of artistic beauty, will be heard among many more music lovers.

  2. I do believe that his albums will be seen as milestones in the history of musical interpretations. He deserves it, as he's so perfect and so natural at the same time.

    Marzena J.

  3. I think that he already made a history in his album of in-depth interpretation of Chopin't two concertos. This time, too. He will continue to cultivate listeners's mind and lighten up their life. I always believe this is a musician whose music will be heard and remembered for hundreds years to come. Yes, he is not only perfect.

  4. wonderful fantastic Rafal !!!!!
    You deserve it always hard working and friendly and modest to your fans...
    We love you all over the world !!!!!
    Happy Valentine too.

  5. There will be more good news from other regions as the new album is made available.


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