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Feb 8, 2012

Review of Blechacz's new album Debussy Szymanowski (Poland)

Review on Rafal's new album written by Joanna Lach, posted on bydgoszcz on Feb. 7.

Original review (Polish)

New Blechacz full of contrasts in music
Joanna Lach

Warmth and emotions that Debussy provides us, we intuitively seek for it in Szymanwski. And thanks to Blechacz we can find it again. Today, his new album hits the shelves of Polish stores.

This is Blechacz’s fourth album released by the legendary label Deutsche Grammophon. The contract with its pianist from Nakło was secured seven years ago on his winning the Chopin Competition. He has already recorded his interpretations of Chopin (Preludes and concertos), and also faced with the classics, playing sonatas by Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart. Now he reached out for compositions by Debussy full of intimate charms and also music by Karol Szymanowski still rarely performed in the world.

- In this way I wanted to show the contrast between music of impressionism and expressionism - explains the pianist of his choice.

The choice is very correct, which you can hear from the first sounds. Feather –like lightness of Debussy’s compositions show all the advantages of Blechacz. The sound extends towards the fore. It is not only well-controlled, but above all incredibly elastic. Once it sparkles with energy, delights with pearly color, and after a moment distances itself, dull and withdrawn. As in Sarabande from "Pour le piano."

Blechacz himself is extremely modest, as usual.
- I was fortunate that I managed to find a good piano. Thanks to it, I was able to show lots of colors, sounds, musical moods - he says in a special video promoting his new album. In addition to this suite, on the CD, we can listen to the music of postcards from "Estampes".

The contrast that was so important for Blechacz in the selection of repertoire gives the audience something else. This musical warmth and emotion, which the pianist has provided us with Debussy, we can intuitively look for it in Szymanowski as well. And we rediscover this music. The sound is powerful, bass sounds noble and full. Blechacz in a logical and intelligent manner, yet with characteristic simplicity leads listeners through the sometimes very complicated harmonic texture of the Sonata in C minor op.8. The music just flows out of it.

Apart from the sonata on the disc he also plays Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor. Both compositions are from the early period of Szymanowski. And although some - including the composer himself - treated them with distance, in Blechacz’s playing, they constitute a full-fledged work.


Another review by Magdalena Talik (Polish)

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