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Feb 25, 2012

Review on the album Debussy Dzymanowski (Germany)

A review written by Kai Luehrs-Kaiser on Welt on-line, Feb. 25.
titled "Not from this world", (about Blechacz's sound full of lyricism.)

PDF of the same article


  1. Rafal has beautiful hair and must not change anything about that. German review they didn'nt like his curly hair ??? bad taste,it's special !

  2. Wie so ein echter Haarschnitt bekommen ? Es ist sehr schon !

  3. It's a sort of pattern that journalists often use; first touching on how he looks like and then going into depth about how formidably authentic Rafal is as an artist. This author deeply respects his artistry and dearly looks at him. And I agree 100% with you about his hair. I think Rafal is cool in that he doesn't care about hair, (still looks very nice) and cares about more important matters; music, first of all.


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