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Mar 25, 2012

CD reviews (Japan) (2)

A review written by Jiro Hamada, for Record Geijutsu (=music, art), April 2012, which gives Blechacz's CD Debussy Szymanowski the status of "specially selected disc".

Record Geijutsu
After conquering the 2005 Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Rafał Blechacz has been rising in his reputation. He now shifts the gear to work on music by Debussy and Szymanowski. My guess is that he addresses Szymanowski combined with Debussy because like his predecessors such as Zimerman and Anderszewski, he feels affinity to the compatriot composer and even duties in playing his music. Also Szymanowski is certainly appropriate to juxtapose with Debussy.

From Debussy, Blechacz selected three pieces from "Pour le piano",  "Espampes", "L'Isle joyeuse" and "Clair de lune", and from Szymanowski, "Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor" and "Sonata No.1 in C minor, opus 8".

Also I suppose Blechacz selected the classical and romantic sonata produced during Szymanowski's earlier period rather than more characteristic and original work of the composer such as Metopes and Masques to let listeners appreciate merit of its own. This objective has been fully satisfied by his performance of quality musicality.

He demonstrates his excellent performance that people expect of him for Debussy, brilliant, meticulously paying attention to the smallest detail. Especially the way he expresses the image full of sensitivity in playing "Pagodes" and "Soirée dans Grenad" is fabulous.
For "Clair de lune", the final piece, Blechacz offers dedication which reads;

"This performance of Debussy's Clair de lune is specially dedicated to my audiences in Japan as a sign of my heartfelt solidarity and compassion in the face of the natural disaster that struck your country in March 2011 and its tragic consequences. - Rafał Blechacz"

Hamada's review on "Chopin Complete Preludes (2007)"
**This review was the article of this artist that I translated into English for the first time in '07, starting point of writing this website.

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