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Mar 2, 2012

Introduction of Rafał Blechcz by German news agent

Introduction of Rafał Blechcz, his professional career and new album, based on an interview with the artist, written by Esteban Engel, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), released on March 2.

Original article (German)

titled "On the car for the global career, a star pianist Rafał Blechacz".

".....Thoughtfully describing his interpretation Blechacz speaks of "Raindrops" and "silvery tone" of the "one-fifth-touch (momentary pressure)", which is sometimes necessary to produce the correct colors. Polish soul or French sound, he never wants to know, though. "I do not believe in such classifications - music is a language that is understood everywhere in the world," he told the news agency DPA in Berlin...."

News release of the new album by Konzertdirektion Schmid

Beginning with a reference to The Telegraph's review,
The disc is worth having for the Szymanowski [Prelude & Fugue in C sharp minor; Sonata in C minor] alone, but Blechacz’s Debussy [Pour le Piano; Estampes; L’isle joyeuse] is also a joy of limpid colour and immaculately weighed articulation, encapsulating the character and imagery of the music with a masterly and imaginative touch.    The Telegraph

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