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Apr 14, 2012

Beautiful review of Blechacz's Debussy Szymanowski (Norway)

A CD review posted on, a Norwegian website today.

"Here is an exceptional talent of this young Polish pianist. He has, as far as I know, never visited our country at high latitudes. I hope not last long  he pays us a visit".

Original review (Norwegian) 
English by google translate

(Excerpt of the paragraph related to the latest CD)

Blechacz is a pianist with an unusual technique. But he does not use it for the same stormy sky as Argerich or Horowitz. His advance is like a row of sparkling pearls. He plays legato, but also non-legato in a way rarely heard before. And his playing often creates a more intimate atmosphere. It is very evident on his latest release, where he opens up new aspects of his talent. Here the focus is in fact the great master of Impressionist Debussy and Belchacz’s compatriot Karol Szymanowski who has been undeservedly lesser-known. A composer who has never achieved wide audience's full attention, despite a significant creative talent. We hear Debussy's "Pour le Piano" and "Estampes," pieces composed around the same time. Around the year 1900, but already were shown the imagination and the sound registry that Debussy painted on his music. The first, which is masterful miniatures based on Debussy's love for and knowledge of the earlier forms. The latter has moods with titles like "Pagodas" and "Gardens in the rain." And the sound paintings of worldwide extension do not seem to pose any problems for Blechacz’s ability to express extensive musical nuances. Moreover, he reveals a sense of form that was not seen in many pianists before. Szymanowski is represented by two early works from around the same time as Debussy’s small cycles. Prelude and fugue and the sonata. And in Blechacz’s masterful hands, this is quiet and intimate matters. Sonata shows that Szymanowsky also liked the older forms.

In other words: Features of the Week shows enough the exceptional talent of this young Polish pianist is. He has, as far as I know, never visited our latitudes. I hope not last long he pays us a visit.
(End of excerpt)

**I have NO knowledge of Norwegian, so this English is a copy from google translate with a few modifications of words; eg, game→playing. It's surprising that google translate produces such a decent English from Norwegian, which I usually don't experience with other languages...

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