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Apr 12, 2012

CD reviews - Austria, Australia, Denmark, Korea

Review of Rafał Blechacz's CD Debussy Szymanowski from Austria;

Original review on  (German)
English by google translate

(Quote of paragraph related to Blechacz)
".....Since he won the prestigious Chopin Competition in 2005, Rafał Blechacz has recorded almost exclusively music of the Polish countryman. Now he turns his back to romanticism temporarily; his new CD is dedicated to the impressionists “Debussy and Szymanowski “(Deutsche Grammophon). An excellent choice, as Rafał Blechacz has a knack for subtle tones. This is probably because of his delicate fingers, and in any event because of the astounding musicality and expressiveness of the 26-year-olds. Debussy's sound language comes as the benefit as well as Szymanowski's more expressive, indeed almost existential poetry".

There are several CD reviews, short ones that appeared last month and I couldn't post.

Australia, posted on Readings, on March 19.
Original review on Readings (English)

Denmark as of March 15.
Review (English by google translate)

Original CD introduction on (Korean), released on March 8.

(Outline - not translation.)
New release by Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz, the winner of 2005 Chopin Competition, beating Lim Dong-Hyek and Lim Dong-Min, getting all the special awards. He structures beautiful melodies in the pieces by Debussy and Szymanowski, mesmerizing audience. He recorded Chopin’s two concertos with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which sold 160000 copies worldwide, positioning him as a promising DG artist. Now he gets into impressionist Debussy. A very good opportunity to hear Pour le piano and Estampes with his tasteful sound. His phenomenal talent and ethnic characteristics reveal. Despite the young age of 28 years (sic), he is astonishingly matured and his music is well organized based on self-restraint. You can sense perfect interpretation with refined, expressive melodies.

There were other short reviews from Belgium, Sweden and Estonia, but they already disappeared from the web. (sorry!!)

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