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Apr 10, 2012

Debussy Szymanowski CD review (Poland)

Review on Blechacz's album Debussy Szymanowski, written by Barbara Tenderenda, posted on

Original review

This, in my opinion, is the best disc so far by Rafał Blechacz. We were able to hear his execution of Debussy several times. It seems that almost perfect interpretation of the composer has been created each time. Everything that is characteristic of the French impressionist - twinkling sound, rich palette of colors, painterliness, poetry, yet classic restraint – is included in the performance of the Polish pianist. Blechacz performs beautifully both early triptych "Pour le Piano" and the later cycle "Estampes", with "Pagodes"- reminiscent of, thanks to the black keys, Chopin's Etude in G flat major and magnificent ostinati in Spanish "La Soiree dans Grenade" and "L'Isle Joyeuse".

From review of Baden-Baden, Oct. 2009

On the other hand, a big surprise for me is Szymanowski, especially his early Sonata in C minor, Op. 8, which reminds me more of Rachmaninoff than the Polish composer's later compositions. Here it is difficult to discern the master’s individual style, but he turns attention to maturity of forms and care about technique and form. This is classical Szymanowski. So is it in the Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor - especially in the first part. I prefer Rafał Blechacz in this repertoire to Chopin. And the excellent instrument.

Advertisement of the disc by Polish Cultural Institute in London.
It quotes from Guardian's review.

"... an artist of imagination and perception, with a fabulous range of keyboard touch and colour."
Andrew Clements, The Guardian (5/5)

♫ In my humble opinion, I like Blechacz in both Szymanowski and other repertoire...♫
Evocative Bach, his soul music; outstanding performer of Mozart, Beethoven and other classical composers, formidable Lisztian, Debussian and Schumannist, unrivaled, undisputed interpreter of Chopin...You can't say which is best.


  1. I agree with that, doesn't matter what he plays, he plays with devotion,sensitive exceptional clear in the most difficult passages you hear every note.there are not many pianists like him,and then also with a modest character.It is more than wonderful to listen to all his CD's !!

  2. Yep and it is sometimes even a problem because with Blechacz before you, it's not easy to accept interpretations by other pianists...:(

    Personally, I was completely hooked on his interpretation when listening to his performing Saint-Saëns conerto in G minor, which was live broadcast from Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 2008 (I already liked his Chopin, Bach, Classics, others, but...)


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