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Apr 15, 2012

Webradio broadcast, April 17

RTBF - Musiq3 plans to broadcast Rafał Blechacz's recital at BOZAR, Brussels on March 14

on April 17, @20:00 (CET)

Musiq3 program page

**The planned broadcast program is subject to cancellation/change without prior notice.

The recital is available via podcast for the next three weeks. ←New


  1. Dear Akiko,

    The concert broadcasting was wonderful ,to hear again what I've heard in the Hague 18th of March it was the same program as in Brussel.could you listen to it because of the time-difference ?

  2. Yes it was fabulous...I'm in the same situation as you, listening to him with the same program live earlier last month.

    It was fortunate to have this broadcast because in the live environment, each piece is so wonderful that I tend to remember the last piece: Szymanowski most vividly. But Bach, purifying, and Beethoven, really impressive...! Thank God, what a beauty of the 2nd movement of the Beethoven's sonata!!

    Was the program in The Hague the same as this? I thought it was different (because of the program website).

  3. Ah, I'm very happy to hear his recent live performance! Especially new repertoire such as wonderful Bach Partita#3 and Beethoven Piano Sonata#7! I like how they recorded the performance, just a wonderful acoustic. Thanks for the info! It seems that this live remains at the radio station's website for a long time. (I might be wrong.)

    1. It's really nicely recorded. As Rafał said in the program, the instrument is very good, too. I remember that his first recital in this venue in 2007 was also broadcast and it sounded beautifully.
      It looks like that the podcast remains for a few weeks.


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