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May 26, 2012

The legendary trio gave a heartfelt moment to Prague Spring

On May 25, Rafał Blechacz played Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.4 in G major op.58 with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Antoni Wit at Smetana Hall, Prague.

Prague Spring Festival website

Review of the concert by Svatava Barančicová, posted on Opera Plus (Czech)
The author praises that Blechacz played accurate, brilliant, perfect and flawlessly.
You can see several pictures of the concert.

"There was a big applause in Prague after Rafał finished. The audience was totally taken by Rafał and the orchestra too and the conductor, Antoni Wit, too! He gave two encores in return for such a great admiration."

Courtesy Prague Spring Festival

The review from the link above gives a strange comparison between this Beethoven's concerto No.4 and the other two Beethoven's concertos (No.1 and 3) played by Andsnes a few days before in Rundolfinum, Prague.  I think it is a sort of orange-apple comparison and doesn't make sense whatsoever.  Different pieces  with different orchestral size and formation played in a different concert hall : in case of Andsnes, the pianist himself directs Mahler Chamber Orchestra, which is for his three-year project to record all the five concertos by Beethoven with the same chamber orchestra in Rundolfinum.
 (To avoid any misunderstanding, Andsnes is the pianist that I respect and occasionally follow activities apart from Blechacz).

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  1. You were at the Birthday week concert? How wonderful! Congrats.
    I listened to that concert the following day via webradio. I remember I had a very bad cold but the interpretation was so excellent and exciting full of youth and freedom that it cured my sickness. Rafał magic.


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