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May 5, 2012

Monthly "Amadeus" highly recognizes Blechacz's CD (Italy)

Universal Music Italia reports that monthly Amadeus (May issue) recommends the CD Debussy Szymanowsky by Rafał Blechacz, giving it the highest rating;  the review written by Nicoletta Sguben.

Universal Music Italia

Rafał Blechacz's “Debussy, Szymanowski” reviewed by Amadeus

A new, unequivocal recognition of the Polish pianist's extraordinary talent come from the magazine “Amadeus”, which recommend the new CD “Debussy, Szymanowski” giving it the highest rating on the reviews page.

After referring to the huge success at Chopin Competition and to the records which established his world renown, the reviewer Nicoletta Sguben write that nowadays «Blechacz delves into Debussy's music with full coherence: after all, Debussy's sound descends from the feverish, sensory pianistic “keying” of Chopin, from the fingertips that caress the ivory keys, in the suggestive and imaginative ecstasy of the piano, that is able to sing in spite of his percussive nature. Debussy rises from there, and from the brightness of “Pour le Piano”, the sound iridescence of “L'isle joyeuse”, the translucent color of “Estampes”, an absolute masterpiece – and that's well shown by Blechacz's interpretation» and continue remarking the intelligent choice of putting beside Szymanowski «...Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor and the colossal Sonata in C minor op. 8, compositions able to receive and express an extremely extensive sound range, from the classical legacy to modern sound, mastered by the young pianist with poetic inspiration.»

(English translation done by Maria Pia; Thanks thanks ♫)

Congrats to the Pianist ♫

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