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Jun 8, 2012

"A big phenomenon" - Czech newspaper characterizes Rafał Blechacz

News and Articles page of Prague Spring Festival website has a summary of this year's concerts, where the author praises Rafał Blechacz.

Prague Spring Festival website

(what the author writes is approximately like this.)

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antoni Wit left a favorable impression thanks primarily to 26 year-old Rafał Blechacze who presented Beethoven's fourth piano concerto rightly "with a fine virtuosity and variety of expression",....

Courtesy:Prague Spring
Lidové noviny (People newspaper) characterized Blechacz as "a big phenomenon ".

"He played with noble grace, utterly confident and composed. In a part of the very famous concerto he played with fine phrases and accents, precisely complied with style, performance and yet acted free and lively. The way in which Blechacz models phrases and keeps the integrity of parts also suggests that this is a pianist with extraordinary intellect and musical feeling. "

Rafał Blechacz will play a recital for Strasbourg Music Festival on June 11.
Article by WP.PL Polonia

In the quiet morning of rain on weekend, listening to his recorded performance of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, absolutely purifying, fulfilling, I give a prayer of thanks for such treasure.

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