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Jun 3, 2012

Interview and performing - Rafał Blechacz in Prague (Video)

From Czech TV program "Echo of the Prague Spring 2012",
you can see Antoni Wit and Rafał Blechacz talking & performing in Smetana Hall.
(The first three minutes are by Wit and Blechacz, followed by other performers interviews for the rest of the video.)

Click the picture to go to Czech TV.

Flash is needed to watch the video.

**Many thanks to my friend's friend for the info♥ Dekuju.  (am I correct?)


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    Very inspiring to see Blechacz playing and talking :)

  2. Indeed, he has an aura that elevates listeners's state of mind.

    I read some Czech articles of the concert and knew that a mobile phone of someone in the audience persistently rang while the beautiful cadenza was played. I remember this happened in my country during Rafał's tour in 2010. The most sensitive, quiet moment at the ending of Chopin's Ballad No.2 was about to be tainted by a lingering phone ring. But the pianist was not disturbed and kept his concentration. The same on the side of most of the audience. I think it is important for a listener to keep attentive to the performer and his music, without swayed away by someone's insensitive attitude; probably it is a part of the attitude by "an active listener", who wants to have metaphysical experience from music.

    ↑ the last part is referenced from his interview

    1. To Japanese readers:


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