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Jun 14, 2012

Rafał Blechacz talks - interview in Paris (podcast)

Interview Rafał Blechacz gave just before his recital at Salle Pleyel on June 12, posted on
Interviewer: Marc Zisman
English is used for the interview.

Blechacz talks about the latest album Debussy Szymanowski, Chopin music and the Chopin Competition, Krystian Zimerman, planning of artistic activities, etc...
You can hear "clair de lune" a bonus track from the latest album Debussy Szymanowski at the end of the interview.

Hear the interview from m4a (37 min.)

from, click on "Écouter ce podcast"

music played during the interview (from Deutsche Grammophon CDs)
Debussy  Prélude from Pour le piano
Szymanowski  Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor
Chopin  Prelude op.28-17  
Chopin  Piano Concerto in E minor
Debussy  "Clair de lune"

Rafał Blechacz gave another interview to France Musique, which will be broadcast
on June 27 12:30-13:30, via

Le Magazine by Lionel Esparza
"Marie-Ange Todorovitch et Rafal Blechacz"


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    Thank you veryvery much for this beautiful interview! I always enjoy it to hear Rafal talking about music, about his intentions and his life...
    In my opinion he deals perfectly with interviews, he gives the impression that he enjoys and I really like how relaxed he answers.

  2. It's my pleasure to find and share his music and his words, both of which reflect on his sincere personality.
    Very happy that the original English interview was made audible without voiced-over translation!

  3. What an interesting, natural and (sometimes) funny interview ('...Chopin?...R: He's a good composer:)...journalist: 'Yes, It could have been worse..."); you posted it some time ago and I couldn't find any time to listen to it until today, when I came home after a difficult consec interpreting project.
    It helped me jump back on my personal cloud nine again :) Thank you!
    Warm hugs from Poland again!

  4. Yeah, the tone he talks with is optimistic, gentle, similar to his piano. I understand how it helps you after doing difficult work. I'm also swamped with VERY difficult works these weeks so hope that the cloud will be dispelled on weekend by listening to some of his music.
    Love, Akiko


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