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Aug 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Claude Debussy

“Music Is the Silence Between the Notes” (Claude Debussy)

Rafał Blechacz plays "Sarabande" from "Pour le Piano" by Claude Debussy

Blechacz and Debussy

--You play "Passepied" from Debussy suite "Bergamasque" in such a fantastic way. You are able to build from this miniature true masterpiece; it has incredibly sublimate form and such a divine lightness, doesn't it?

"Debussy's music has a kind of special classical character, but what is also very important in case of Debussy is his extreme sensibility to the colours, which has a huge impact to the agogics of the piece. "Passepied" is a beautiful piece so is the entire "Bergamasque" suite. I love to play this suite. I recorded it on my first album before the competition, and I am almost sure that my next recordings will also include pieces from impressionist"
(Rafał Blechacz, in an interview with Polish Radio, July 2009).

(note) The interview took place just after he recorded his previous album "Chopin The Piano Concertos".


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