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Sep 10, 2012

Rafał will appear for the first time in 28 months

In my coutry, music fans are very mucn excited about Rafał Blechacz's concert tour planned in Feb. next year as ticket sales are beginning. I see voices of expectations every day on the web; "Can't wait"; "So excited". "I'll go to both Bach and Szymanowski!" (note: He will give two different programs depending on the venue.) There are some who had to keep making a phone call for nearly four hours on the first day of ticket sales for the recital in Osaka; I even saw a debate developed by two heavy music lovers on how Blechacz is an exceptional talent (pro-Rafał guy was able to convince the other.).

This is a drawing of Rafał made by a popular manga artist=comic artist, one of the enthusiastic fans who lives in Hokkaido and decided to fly to Tokyo and other cities for his recitals.
Drawing of Blechacz-san playing piano

I shared my experience that suddenly tears spilled when hearing his fast runs of Grazioso, Beethoven sonata op 2-2 in recital in 2009, a music lover (pianist and composer who created several CDs) said that one sheds tears at a time when exposed to an experience whose information volume is too huge to be processed logically in the brain.

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  1. I read Tomomi-sensei's "Kimi no tame ni hiku Chopin" manga and I like it very much. Very talented manga artist, and funny too! It's really great of her to draw Rafał so nice...:)

  2. If I remember correctly you are from Poland. Am I right? Is Tomomi-sensei's work "Chopin plays for you" available in Poland?
    I also enjoyed reading it. She said that she got imagination of the beautiful piano sound of Kazune, the charming main character, from Rafał's playing. Indeed she is a very nice, bright person.

  3. I had no idea she got her inspirations from Rafał's music, great to know that:) Yes, I'm from Poland, but unfortunately "Chopin plays for you" is not available here(I read it in english)... The only manga based on polish culture published in Poland is "Ten no hate made" as far as I know... I'd be very happy if I'd be able to read Tomomi-san's manga in my native language, for it is such a lovely, warm story:)

  4. I showed your comment to Tomomi-san and she was very happy to know that a person from the country of Chopin read her work and loved it. But she was wondering how you read it because this work has been published in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Now I know you got it in English! Probably the English version was made for Taiwanese market and became available to European readers (I guess). Manga comic books are quite popular in my country and some works about classical music became an entry for those who didn't have contacts with the music. I was amazed by this Tomomi-san's story of Chopin's reincarnation. It's a great fantasy!

  5. It's probably like you said about this Taiwanese/English version (quite a lot of mangas get being known in that way, how I recall it now). I'm really honoured that Tomomi-san knows about my opinion and is happy about it! I'm really impessed that Japanese people are so dedicated to Chopin and can do a lot to show what they love to others. That's why I think it could be good to publish "Chopin plays for you" in Poland, where common young people mostly don't know much about Chopin (I was lucky to have friends in secondary music school and that's how I got interested in Chopin and classical music). History of a great composer shown in funny way of fantasy comic, which is quite popular in Poland, wouls certainly do the work.

  6. Oh manga is so popular in Poland :D.
    I came to know recently that there are many kinds of people who love Rafał's music in my country, not only piano students/pianists or typical music lovers. Tomomi-sensei said she doesn't play piano but studied a lot about Chopin and piano to write this work; another example that his music gave something very important to one's life.

  7. Well, manga became quite popular in Poland in 1990s:)
    I'm not a musician either, but it's true listening to Rafał playing the piano gives me some kind of calmness and a lot of positive emotions. Thanks to him I started to get interested in classical music, not only Chopin, and even, after seeing videos from UMK posted on your blog, I was able to choose proper university, beacuse earlier I didn't know where to study! It's amazing how music indirectly influences on people's lives.

  8. It's very impressive to hear that Rafał's music became a catalyst for your deciding proper academic career path to follow. Indeed his sound gives us positive emotions, energy, joy of life, sometimes subliming us. My life was also changed :D
    And glad to know that a posting of this website gave you a good opportunity.
    I wish you a fruitful school life!

  9. Thank you very much! And I'm going to keep watching your blog for more informations about Rafał:)

  10. Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog ♫


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